5 Best Exercises to Keep You Healthy and Fit

Exercise means indulging yourself in physical activity for the purpose of fitness and a healthy body. Exercise strengthens your body and prevents you from many diseases. Exercise is not only beneficial for losing weight but also maintains your health. Studies have shown that people who do exercise for 20 to 30 minutes a day tend to be healthier, and their chances of falling sick are lower than people who do not involve in any kind of exercise. Exercise prevents from heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and much more.

Here are some exercises that will make your body healthy and in shape.


Walking is one of the most straightforward and essential exercises, which has many benefits for the body.  It prevents many health-related issues like normalizing blood pressure, freshens your mood, helps reduce weight, strengthens the muscles, minimizes heart problems, and reduces the Glaucoma risks. For walking, you do not need some machinery or a gym. Just grab a pair of comfortable shoes and start walking; start with a slow 15-minute walk and then increase the speed and time. For more effective results, change your speed during the walk. First, do 2 minute fast walk, then slow down for a minute, and then again go for a fast walk. This will not only help you with breathing, but this is also a helpful strategy for reducing weight.


Swimming is also considered a perfect workout or exercise for a body. Swimming is very good for health; studies showed that swimming is good for mental health too. It gives you better mood and releases stress. Swimming improves posture and gives flexibility to the body. Swimming is considered to be an aerobic exercise, so it improves the heart condition. It is also essential for those who want to reduce weight and get in shape.


Squats are an excellent workout for the body to be fit and in shape. It almost moves every muscle in the body and tightens them. Squats are like sitting in a chair position and standing up. For beginners, you may actually start with the help of a chair. Sit and stand; after that, practice this without the chair. Remember to keep your back straight, your foot should be shoulder length apart, and when you are bending your knees, it should make a 90-degree angle with lower legs and Tighes.


Pushups are one of the most commonly known workout or exercise which is good for your body to be fit. Pushups strengthen the upper body muscles like arms, shoulders, chest, and abdominal muscles. For starters, you can spread your arms widely on a kitchen counter and bend your chest as it nearly touches the counter. And slowly practice on the lower object, and finally, put your hands on the floor.


Lunges are another kind of exercise that makes you physically fit and healthy. It strengthens the lower part of your body, like the legs, and gives you good balance. For this exercise, take a big step forward and bend in a way that one leg is on the floor but not touching it, and the second is vertical to the other one so it makes a 90-degree angle. Repeat the same with another leg too. Keep your back straight.


Exercise is very good for your help. Try to save some time by exercising daily, even for 15 minutes. It will give a new perspective to your life.