4 Vigorous Essential Oils for Bruises

The bruise is a symptom that people usually get when they accidentally hit hard things, and it causes the discoloration among that places of skin. Normally, people just let it heal by itself. However, there is a faster way to get rid of bruises by using essential oils. We will give you some vigorous information about having bruises treated by essential oils which are easy to find in your kitchen.

What is a bruise?

As we mentioned before, bruises is a skin discoloration which exists after clumsy activities. Bruise often shows up when there are some blood vessels right under the skin is ruptured which can make the dermis have some visible blood marks off the surface.

What can cause bruises?

Of course, bruises are common; everyone can be affected. However, there are some popular reasons which can be easily dealt with:

  • People who suffer the hard work such as intense exercise.
  • The old might have bruises more often because their skin and tissue become more and more sensitive and they don’t work that much well as their younger ages. Therefore, the blood vessels are being influenced even by some small crashes.

However, there are various other reasons for bruises which can be diagnosed to be the more chronic phenomenon. If you do not understand and figure out the reasons why they appear for a long time but don’t go away for certain time, you will have to see the doctor. On the other hand, having thin blood vessels can alleviate the problems because it can make the bruises more painful and that pain stays longer than normal.

Bruises symptoms

Generally, after being affected by those intense activities, the places will be red, and you don’t feel anything at that precise time. However, it changes into another stage which is bluish, keeps following this blue area will be the painful feeling when you have hard work right on it, or even softly touch it. The life expectancy of bruises ends for 5-6 days while the colors are replaced by yellow or green which are the signs of healing process’s ending.

Bruises need essential oils

In the time that you are affected by intense activities, you should have some other treatments instead of waiting till it recovers by the time. Then you have to spend a part of your time to use essential oils which are friendly to everyone and mostly every skin problems.


Cypress is likely unpopular with all of us. However, it has the same function as other herbs to treat skin problems in general, bruises in particular. It is usually consumed to cure some small wound on the skin, even sweep away the varicose veins, and minimize the stretch marks, cellulite as well. Treating bruises is not the donkey work to cypress because it cures the roots of the problems. It can encourage the blood circulation in that affected areas and forbid it becoming a pool.

This guy has to be applied directly to the places, but you have to make sure the influenced areas be clean and do not have open wounds. If it has that kind of injury, you should locate the essential oil near the edges of the wounds, must not on the injuries.


Lavender essential oil is excessively well-known for its friendly reputation of treating both physical and mental health problems. In this case, bruises can be healed by lavender and its essential oil. Having medical properties such as vitamins and minerals that cannot be ignored. In fact, it has no side effect on your body condition because it consists of various other nutrients like calcium which can boost the healing process.

Lavender and its essential oil can be found anywhere in the super market or the pharmacy because it is deeply popular to healing those skin problems. That nutrition can make the healing process faster, and prevent bacterial or septic elements from entering those areas if they do have some open wounds. While applying this essential oil on the location, you will feel automatically enjoyable because its smell and nutrition are doing their jobs.

However, if you are in the case of sudden fall, which can cause some open wound, the first thing you should do is wash the wound with hygiene water. After finishing those steps, you should let the hurt dry then have some drops of lavender essential oil surround the places and massage gently. This would help you have much better status and promote the nutrition to go deep into the skin.


If you are finding a method to get rid of painful moments, you should consider lemongrass and its essential oil. Lemongrass is famous for its curative properties which can ease the pain. Besides, having a range of metal and minerals can help you fight back the bluish areas. In contrast, if you decide to have this as your treatment, you should use it wisely because it has larger effects that might hurt you if you are overusing it, especially on the open wounds.


Helichrysum is in Old world plant of daisy family which consists a vast of health benefits. Helichrysum and its essential oil include anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and various other anti-properties which can help you to prevent worse damage while you have bruises. Bruises and extra open wounds would need antiseptic properties to block the risk in our environment from entering our body. Not only prohibiting other risks can do an invasion to sensitive areas, but helichrysum and its essential oil also can smooth the pain and fasten the healing process.