What are The Top Causes of Tooth Pain?

When people talk about tooth pain, ample of things are there; this can cause tooth pain. A tooth pain can hurt you at any point and time. You might not expect one, but you might experience it anytime. Sometimes, this unbearable pain can make you wild. Sometimes this tooth pain is so intense that you might do anything to eliminate it. When you experience tooth pain, the first and foremost thing, which comes to your mind, is what the cause of this tooth pain is.

Amongst the numerous causes of toothache, some of the most mutual reasons can get named decay, the fracture in the teeth, cavities, cracking the teeth, and vulnerability to cold food items. If you are suffering from pain, this is sometimes very difficult to diagnose the crack in the tooth.

Teeth Whitening

The tooth pain can be a result of teeth whitening. The chemical bleaching is quite acidic and leaves the tooth enamel weak. It enhances tooth decay as well as demineralization of the teeth. After whitening, this is not uncommon for people to feel their teeth are more brittle and sensitive. Most over-the-counter teeth whiteners, frequently those in toothpaste, do not whiten teeth but annoy the gums to make them redder and give the appearance of whiter teeth.

Gum Recession

When the gum recession happens, the teeth can also turn out to be sensitive and painful. This happens when the protective gum layer normally covers the dentine recedes away, exposing the less defensive gum layer. It means the nerves are close to the surface and react to hot and cold temperatures.

The cracked teeth

The cracked teeth and other defects in the teeth can cause sensitivity as well. Eating some of sweet and acidic food can eat away at the enamel. It is the corrosion that permits the bacteria into the teeth. It can also cause a cavity or even infection in the teeth. What it also happens is extreme damage also gets done to the tooth, and the root is exposed. When the teeth root is exposed to food or air, the pain can be excessive.

The Sinus Problems

People who have sinus problems can easily experience pain in their teeth, as well. The excess pressure in the head can cause pain in the teeth. Basically, the flu and cold can cause teeth problems. The nose, ears, and throat are all interconnected, so when someone is quite ill, it actually creates tension in the face and head. A headache or even facial tension can make the semblance of tooth pain.


Gingivitis can be another reason for sensitivity. Gingivitis causes a specific recession in the gum line as the tartar builds up around the teeth. It occurs when people do not brush as well as floss regularly. So, all these problems can lead to tooth pain.

Quick Remedies for Tooth Pain

An easy remedy for tooth pain is using salt water solution. Saltwater has the property to reduce tooth pain effectively. Hot compress, which also provides a temporary solution for tooth pain. If you have severe pain in your tooth, it is better to consult a dentist in nearby areas as you already know the tooth organ connection, which connects important parts of the body with the tooth and also plays a role in your body’s overall health. Brushing twice daily, eating healthy foods, and avoiding smoking always helps to get better dental health.