Pakistan Celebrities Sexy Smokey Eye Makeup Looks

Pakistani celebrities are known for their flawless makeup and exquisite beauty. They have secured a place in the makeup industry and are famous for introducing new eye makeup trends and hairstyling trends. Mentioned below are some top female celebrities who are famous for their beautiful eye makeup.

Mahira Khan

Our favorite actress from ‘Ho Mann Jahan’ and ‘Bin Roye’ is supposedly one of the most beautiful actresses in the Pakistani film industry. Her almond-shaped eyes are usually seen to be outlined by neat eyeliner. But we totally love her in the gold smokey eye makeup. The highlighter at the inner corner of her eyes enhances the shape of her eyes even further. Honestly, she doesn’t need makeup to look gorgeous; she is just beautiful.

Momina Mustehsan

‘Afreen Afreen’ singer and recently introduced through the platform of Coke Studio, Momina is one beautiful girl. She has attracted millions of followers from all over Pakistan and the world. Let’s have a look at her eye makeup. She goes for nude eye shadows and applies shimmer in the middle of her eyelid. She doesn’t use any eyeliner but enhances her eye makeup by using an ample amount of highlighter on the inner corner of her eyes, and of course, she applies mascara. Many other Pakistani celebrities like Mawra Hocane, Ayeza Khan, Humaima Malik, Aiman, and Minal (the twin sisters) are known for their beautiful eye makeup and fantastic acting skills. We totally love the eye makeup of Pakistani celebs; what are your views? Do you love it as much as we love it?

Ayyan Ali

This famous 23-year-old singer and model is one gorgeous lady. Her sexy figure and beautiful eyes have captivated many hearts. She loves to apply dark grey or classic black smokey eye makeup and let’s accept that it suits her the most. Her hazel eyes and smokey eye makeup attract many fans!

Ayesha Khan

To find the perfect pair of eyes, eyebrows, and eyelashes, let’s look at Ayesha Khan. This 34-year-old actress is one example of natural beauty! I must say the way she does her eye makeup is breathtaking. She is usually seen in sophisticated cat eyeliner that suits her so much and in some rose gold and grey eye shadow. Her eye shadow is perfectly blended, and she applies darker colors toward the outer corner of her eyes. She lines her lower lid with the same darker color too. We totally love her eyes!

Sanam Baloch

How can someone not love Sanam’s elegant looks and neat eye makeup? As in the morning shows, we have seen her applying only a beautiful coat of eyeliner on her eyes, and sometimes she would go for nude eye shadow and a little highlighter on the brow bone and inner corners of her eyes. We love her eye makeup because it’s easy and makes you look amazing!

Maya Ali

The actress who cried in all episodes of ‘Mann Mayal’ has a gorgeous pair of eyes, and even when she lines her eyes with kohl, she looks captivating. Her bridal photo shoots for designers like Maria B are worth looking at. More than the dresses, you will be attracted to her eye makeup. With cat eyeliner and grey smokey eyes, we must admit that she looks flawless. She has applied white liner on the inner brim of her lower lashline and a highlighter on the inner corner of her eyes, making her eyes look even bigger and elongated.

Mehwish Hayat

Known for her beautiful looks, Mehwish Hayat is one amazing singer and actress. She has those eyes that make you look at her repeatedly. She applies darker eye makeup for bridal shoots and fashion shows, but in her daily routine, we see her with a light grey eyeshadow used on her eyes. She usually curls her eyelashes and applies a thick coat of mascara. She wears grey lenses and defines her eyebrows by using the eyebrow palette. For bridal shoots, she goes for darker colors like navy blue or aqua blue, and it totally suits her.

Sajal Ali

Known for being a look-alike of Kareena Kapoor, this dazzling 22-years old actress is a real example of beauty with brains. Her eye makeup is always on point. She puts on the perfect winger eyeliner. Beginning with a primer on her eyes, she continues by lining her upper eyelid, and then she applies the white liner on the inner rim of the lower lash line. Her eyebrows are thick and arched. This makeup can be followed daily as it is pretty straightforward and doable.