Extra Ordinary Smokey Eyes ‘The Gold Affair’

Take your eye makeup techniques one step forward with our perfect beauty blog. If there is any color that fits perfectly with everyone in the makeup world, it is gold! Whether you are dark, pale, thin, or fat, gold will look good on you. For this very reason, we bring you the newest tricks to kick your smokey eyes look up a mark so that you walk in style at your next party and flaunt away.
In this blog, we will show you the different styles of incorporating gold in smokey eyes and how it can look classy, soft, or bold. We also have a small section on ‘how to do it for those who haven’t tried smokey eyes before!v
Let’s get started.

The Classy Affair

The classy smokey eye makeup may seem rather traditional but observe the hint of gold instead of grey or silver. By adding gold instead of silver, the whole style becomes bolder and more noticeable. Brace it with a ravishing lip color, and you will be good to go.

Shimmery Stardust

Pamper yourself with the best shimmery look of this season. Bring out the charisma in your overall appearance by painting your eyes black on the outer edges and filling them in with gold glitter. Curl your lashes with Hot Lashes eyelash curler and seal them with your glossy gel eyeliner.

Tip: Match your nails by applying the gold glitter nail polish.

Mojave Delight

If you don’t want your makeup to be too flashy, check out this amazing matte style.

The Mojave Delight is the ultimate dinner party look as it is subtle and bold. When paired with the golden highlighter for the cheeks, the whole face will glow like never before.

The Bold and Beautiful

If you are a strong-headed career woman who wants everything her way, this look is perfect for you. This look will only appear classy on women who can carry it well.

To achieve this style, place a small piece of tape on the outer corner in a slant position until it touches your brows. Start painting your inner corner of the eye with white dust, gradually applying the bronze shade. On the outer corner dab your brush with black eye shadow and blend it well. Simply dab on gold glitter next to the white shadow, and apply kohl, eyeliner, and mascara.

Tip: Do apply loose powder under the eyes so that your kohl doesn’t drip down.

The Gold Duo

Aren’t you in love with this at first sight? The artist has done a flawless job. This double crease technique definitely requires practice and will not come to perfection without trial and error.

If you want something unique, you need to give this look an attempt. These stylish eyes are attractive, pretty, and filled with magic.

Now that you have seen the top 5 amazing smokey eyes, see how you can attain them in 3 easy steps, below:

  • See the different sets of brushes for each color
  • The trick is to blend each color well, so it doesn’t leave your eyes soon
  • In the 3rd step, only dab the black eye shadow because if you blend it, the black can reach the spots you don’t want it to land on.
  • Don’t forget your gel eyeliner and mascara.

Hope these tricks enlightened you. Give your eyes the attention they deserve by forgetting silver and adding gold as an alternative and witness how your friends will admire your brand new look!

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