4 Must Read Home Remedies for Scabies

Mange is a phrase stands for skin problems caused by mites, but this phrase is only used in case of skin infestation among mammals like dogs or cats. It extremely rare when you call a person suffered from mange. In the case of mange for human, there is a scientific name calling – scabies or seven-year itch.

Many years ago, in the 18th century when the living condition was poor and not hygiene enough. In modern society, seldom do we come across with mange or scabies people, just about 2.8 percentage of world population, because of the good quality of living standard. In comparison on this, we might think it is out of human reach already, but we are not. Any of us can be affected by mites cause scabies.

Because of the old mindset that people who are infected scabies, must be the one who lives dirty. They will feel shy when in the condition of being in that prejudice and find it hard to deal with it. That’s why we are coming and implementing you some essential information about how to prevent mange in human by ingredients in your kitchen which are simple and inexpensive.

Scabies appears when mites dig down into the skin through pores or any open wound to connect with the outermost layer to lay eggs and make a home there. This process takes a certain time about 6 weeks without any signs so that you cannot figure it out for a person who is influenced for the 1st time. Besides, people who are in more than once, it the signs would come out within a day.

After this period, the place where they laid eggs would be swelling and turn to red color. For this reason, you will feel the difference right away by the itching feeling and rashes. Where would the ideal place for depositing scabies eggs? Of course the soft, sensitive and hard-reaching areas of skin. Because in such those places, the process to get deep into the human body would be much easier. Therefore, finger webs, buttocks, back, external genitals should be paid more attention than others.

Because it takes short way to flee from one body to others so that you have to take much more care of keep in touch with other people who have the same symptoms above. And should you avoid having sex with scabies-suffered people, if you don’t want to deeply take the consequence?

Now, we will provide some information about home remedies for this problem.

Neem oil

If you are having skin problems, this one will be the guy always in your medicine box due to its benefit of skin treatment. In order to erase bacteria, and fungus under the skin, antifungal, and antibacterial properties must be on the list. Those properties are included inside neem oil.

You should dip a small cotton into neem oil and directly apply it on the itchy places. Wait for 5 minutes then take a shower with warm water. This stages can be done once per day. Otherwise, you can make a combination of antiseptic cream and neem oil then apply the homemade cream to itchy locations to ease the unpleasant feeling and cure the problem.


Turmeric is a magically natural herb consists of many anti- properties such as anti- inflammatory and antiseptic. Fortunately, they are the things vital for this phenomenon. You can do as above method: apply it directly and make a homemade cream of turmeric and neem oil.

For using turmeric only, you can mix turmeric with a little water and 2-3 drops of lemon/ lime juice till it forms as a paste thing. Then you can place it on the itchy areas for an hour, then wash it with warm water. If you continue doing this once per day for a long time, you will see the positive development of your skin problem.

But if you want to soothe the uncomfortable feeling of itching, you mix neem oil with turmeric together and apply the mixture on the suffering areas till it gets dry. After that, you can go to the bathroom and take shower with warm water so erase some unacceptable moment.

Tea tree oil

Mites cause scabies are intensely worried when they have a fighter called terpinen-4-ol, this opponent would excessively ravage those annoying parasite within a short time. That’s what in tea tree oil. Aside from this, it also has some anti-properties like antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-parasitic, and healing functions. For those reasons, it should be a magical spell for scabies.

You can use drops of tea tree oil to add to the bathtub with warm water. You can take advantage of this herb when you take a bath with it. Not only for killing bacteria, but it also heals some other medical problems inside you because it has its strong and efficient particular smell.


Zinc is not excessively related to killing mites or bacteria during the period of being scabies patient. However, it has its own pros. It helps to prevent fungus from spreading throughout the sensitive places. It is not really an ingredient you can find in your kitchen, but it is still the home remedy because you are going to make it by yourself.

Go to the pharmacy and buy some zinc tablets, then grind till it becomes a fine powder. To continue, you would combine a little water with zinc powder to make a paste form. The last step, having itchy areas applied this mixture, wait till it dries naturally. Then use water to rinse it off.

The last words

Here are the tips for you: do not keep your body in moist condition as much as possible. For example: must use towel each time after taking a shower. We hope that you are going the right treatment in this articles.

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