5 Magical Essential Oils for Headaches

A headache is one of the most popular symptoms in people especially girls in modern life.
Because of the requirement of work, and study, there will be a huge range of things to think of, to
put pressure on. Therefore, girls seem to get used to a headache regularly. Hence, we will
implement some essential oils for headaches that you might love.

About headaches

From the start, you might have paid much attention to this problem, but if you let it continue
for a long time without any interference, this would bring about bigger problems for some
chronic diseases like a reduction in memory.
Then girls must find some medicine to calm a headache down. However, using the medicine too
much can cause side effects that are not active for health at all, it might lead to many
afterward, symptoms both in physical and mental aspects such as more tension, destroy
appearances, the bad attitude among small things. Even alleviating the situation with
anorexia, women are deep down in a headache and stress.
Besides modern treatment from doctors for certain medicines, essential oils can get in
your kitchen are believed to be the most significant treatment. While using it is excessively
simple, the influence of essential oils to trigger a headache without side effects would be
compelling. Moreover, the root of problems will be found and ravaged not just decrease the
pain temporarily.
While treated with essential oil, you will have time to relax. This process must be on to do
list because it helps you to prevent the situation from getting worse. The essential oil must be the
one that can kill two birds with one stone.

1. Lavender Oil

In the form of essential oil, lavender has a range of benefits that we can take all advantages
of. Having curative and therapeutic properties, lavender essential oil scales down stress and
tension. Why can it do that? Because inside lavender itself includes linalyl and linalool
acetate which is good for the nervous system. Those constituents are absorbed through pores in
the skin and smell.

Not only tension, but it also helps to diminish all the aid sleep which is one of the biggest
factors causing stress. Or if you are getting tired inside your body like muscle tension, you can use
this guy as a treatment due to its anti-anxiety, antidepressant, and anxiolytic properties.
You can apply essential oil on the neck or back, and temples for the best reduction of headaches.
The amount will depend on how large the places you are going to apply oil on. For temples,
you should not use more than four drops of oil because it can be wasted and too much is not

For another way to get more relaxation, you can drop ten drops of essential oil into the bathtub,
then enjoy the moment of taking a shower. It might help you a lot to ease your body and mind
with a comfortable feeling without the pressure of working or studying.
On the other hand, you can burn it with a particular candle to inhale those nutrients while you
are working at home or cooking dinner. If you match all these strategies together smoothly,
you can get the fastest and biggest result you want.

3. Rosemary

Rosemary is a traditional essential oil that has been used for an extended time ago with the
treatment for any health and beauty benefits. In the mental aspect, reducing anxiety,
and promoting memory clarity… are influences of rosemary on our mind. Physical health, it
can take a lot of duties such as: boosting immunity, developing circulation, curing
indigestion, cough, and flu recovery, especially headaches.
It can be used as lavender is used. There are three ways of using essential oil. Firstly, you can
apply it directly to the places of aches like temples, and neck, neck, and smoothly massage till it
dry. Besides, you can also do the same thing but let it in front of the nose to inhale. This
smell and substances inside the oil would flee into the nervous system; then it will cure some
problems that you are facing.
If you want something new, you will change it into a more diluting form like bathing or
burning. Bathing would help the oil get into the skin more easily, but burning helps the nervous
system to absorb it more correctly. You can combine them together if you do have time.

3. Eucalyptus

Anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties are included in eucalyptus. The major
component of eucalyptus oil is 1.8-cineole which is considered morphine to recover pain
in mice. Therefore, a human can use 1.8-cineole to reduce their pain or headaches mainly.
The way of using will be similar to those above. But you have to remember to use enough
amount of oil or maybe you will be shocked in the case of too much smell in the room when
you burnt it.

4. Melissa

Having functions as rosemary essential oil, Melissa essential oil cures headaches and even
migraines. Moreover, it reduces flu and cough and helps our health condition is in the better
status. And this femininely-name oil would be useful, and convenient because you carry it into
the office or anywhere.

5. Jasmine

According to the Natural Products Communications report, an essential oil produced from
Jasmine affects decreasing depression and helps people to be in a good mood. You will
find it more comfortable when burning it inside the bathroom or living room. Don’t try to use it
when you are sleeping because it can cause more stress and anxiety. This one is similar to
lemongrass because it is not welcomed by stress and anxiety patients.