Top 10 Celebrities Dating WHO? Checkout the Hottest Couples of 2016

The hottest celebs in Hollywood don’t fail to amuse their fans by spicing up their lives with daily gossip; glam filled parties, dating their co-workers and what not! This year’s favorite topic needs some light shedding ‘Who is Dating Who’! Want to be a part of the secrets? Take a look below.

1. Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry

Orlando, a renowned actor of Hollywood states that Katy is ‘amazing in million ways.’ The statement itself shows the love pouring by the buckets for the love of his life, Katy Perry. Dating life began since January; not engaged yet, this couple has been spotted on several occasions holding hands, kissing and laughing till they drop! The rumor has it that Orlando is soon to propose to the enchanting singer, soon to be married and apparently wants to have children. Good luck you two!

2. Leighton Meester and Adam Brody

Leighton Meester after ruling the world as Queen B in ‘Gossip Girl Series’ has gained enough spotlight in the preceding years. The beauty tied the knot with Adam Brody, (television actor and musician) in 2014 and are happily married ever since. Recently, on Brody’s premiere of ‘StartUp’ a new TV series, the couple exhibited a lovey-dovey affair on and off cameras. The couple was blessed with a gorgeous baby girl who turned one last month. Leighton stated her life priorities had taken a new direction. Hats off to the couple for achieving so much just in 2 years!

3. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

The duo, married each other quietly without letting the world know in 2015. Recently at the red carpet, both announced about marriage and walked the passageway hand in hand as Mr. and Mrs. Cute? The couple says they are happy, funny, and their relationship is thrilling. Jennifer told the Harper’s Bazaar that Justin is the hilarious guy she has ever met, and they make each other chuckle a lot! Keep your fingers crossed Jennifer, we hope this one doesn’t end as it did with Brad Pitt!

4. Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston

While the media thought it was a publicity stunt, the truth is, these two celebs are hitting it off. Their dating life hit the charts with a bang when both were caught on camera, arriving at the Sydney airport in each other’s arms. Although Tom will go back to work, shooting (Thor: Ragnarok), the couple was again caught boarding the plane together for Gold Coast, where the film shoot will begin!

5. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

After trying out various relationships and all of them not working out, in 2014 the two stars planned to get married. After divorcing Kris Humphries, Kim was taken aback, but she knew Kanye was the price charming she had been waiting for all along. Today, they still stand strong and happy. They are parenting two children namely North West and Saint West. If you are a family person, look how these two connect!

6. Selena Gomez and Charlie Puth

Guessing the breakup with Justin Bieber hasn’t resulted in a suicide for Selena Gomez, both Selena and Charlie Puth, who were friends in the past have been seen becoming friendlier by the day. The rumor has it they might be dating in secret! Let’s keep our eyes on them and see what the year 2016 has in store for a cute celebrity couple.

7. Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin

Haley Baldwin rescued Justin Bieber when he was licking his wounds off of the breakup with Selena Gomez. The couple started dating in December and have been perfectly happy since. Seen together romantically often shows the media that they are content and in love. They both make a cute celebrity couple, don’t you think?

8. Rihanna and Drake

Rihanna and Drake? Who knew! Friends and co-workers on stage and song collaborators, the duo, is having affix like none other. While the audience thought the mysterious, sexy moves on stage was just a part of the drama, the rumor has it they are dating since a while. Making its official recently at a concert in Manchester, the news reveals that work brings them closer!

9. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

The two most lively people unite together to become Hollywood’s most talked about celebrity couple. Both are full of spirit and bring the best in each other. This gorgeous couple who married in 2012 are parenting a daughter, James aged 2 and are expecting their second child soon. The couple is still hitting off the dating, happily married charts. Congratulations Serena and Wade Wilson!

10. George and Amal Clooney

The gorgeously lucky couple got married in 2014 and is seen to be happily married ever since. Both these talented figures bonded over a charity fundraiser through a mutual friend. Once they clicked, they didn’t stop at the dating stage. Great going, Clooney.

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