4 Things To Do When You Lose Your Crown Or Filling At Home

As you grow up, you realize that some of the questions you had when you were a kid don’t bother you anymore, such as questions regarding your teeth. It is because you get answers from real-life situations.

It is very normal for you to have fewer teeth as you grow up. It may be as a result of different scenarios. Some people lose their teeth involuntarily, for example when playing roughly. Sometimes taking out some of your teeth is the only option a dentist can give if they can’t be repaired. However, the procedure a dentist will recommend will always depend on the condition of your teeth.

Dental fillings and crowns are solutions recommended and presided over by a qualified dentist. A dental filling is also known as a dental restoration, according to en.wikipedia.org. Fillings are usually used in instances where there is minimal damage to the tooth.

The damaged area is removed, cleaned and then filled. On the other hand, crowns are made and put on top of an existing tooth that may be broken or damaged. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, either of these might fall off accidentally. It is how you should handle such a situation;

Preserve It

Both dental fillings and dental crowns are tangible. Whenever they are displaced from their original position, you can easily spot them. Neither a dental filling nor a dental crown is cheap. Thus, you can save yourself some money by recycling the one you have. However, this is subject to confirmation by an experienced dentist.

The main reason why you should always retrieve your lost dental crown is so that your dentist can have a look at it and determine the root of the problem, and whether it can be reused. Depending on the problem, the dentist will either advocate for a new dental procedure or put another filling, but with a higher quality material.

Numb Your Gums

When your dental filling or dental crown falls off, you need to numb your gums to avoid swelling and prevent it from getting infected by bacteria. Bacterial infection can make the whole situation a lot worse than it already is.

You should numb your gums with clove oil as many dental practitioners’ advise. The oil is meant to reduce the discomfort and irritation that results. Tooth discomfort can put everything you are doing on hold. The discomfort may be as a result of pain.

Dentist Appointment

If you’re not a dentist or a medical professional, it is wise to call your dentist and book an appointment. Sometimes you might need to call before you go so that they can prepare everything to handle your emergency.

The reason why your dental situation requires immediate examining is that it might result in bigger problems if it gets infected. More issues will mean more finances and more visits to your dentist. To be on the safe side, visit dental Rockville md and inquire about an emergency insurance cover.

Chewing and Avoiding Some Substances

If you must eat, you should always chew from the side that is not affected. It is because of sensitivity issues. The open tooth may be too sensitive to hot or cold things. It means that you should avoid substances like gums and caramels because they have a high level of sugar.

You should also avoid biting hard foods like nuts. Avoid consumption of ice cream and hot tea until you visit your dentist, and a solution is given.