Is modern life making us ugly in Hijabs?

I remembered once my mom asked me to wear Hijabs. I was not happy with her decision, but I didn’t want to abandon her! Because I love her.

It is not as easy as it seems.

My first day at school after Hijabs was shocking because I was muddled because everyone was staring me, discussing me murmuring. I lost my confidence and was screaming inside. The whole day was tough for me all those questions all those comments was not that at all easy to take.

After school, Family events, society, friends. Asked me weirdest Questions. I almost lost my confidence and started avoiding family events, going outside.

My mom used to style my look! I always ended up crying because I was never satisfied. I never liked my styling; maybe I was new at it, perhaps I was not comfortable. I always end up not going in events and still avoiding my school farewells, my friend’s gatherings, and my family events. I lose faith in myself and my beauty. I always degraded myself from every person standing next to me! I was giving up on my life. I never used to take selfies, avoid taking pictures with others too because I used to think I’m not looking beautiful enough, this Hijabs is degrading me, making me feel less modern and ugly.

Everyone started ignoring me! Started avoiding me. Maybe not wearing Hijabs is better than wearing Hijabs. Maybe wearing Hijabs, and scarves are not modern for society. Maybe wearing it makes your level low; maybe wearing Hijabs makes you ugly.

This modern society has made everything tough. Anyone can’t live without judging, why people don’t let live others happily. It makes girls lack of confidence due to which they stopped wearing Hijabs; they start avoiding this world, start fading away, which makes them feel they’re not worth it.

You’re worth it, girl! You’re worth it. It is the ugly side of our society, which makes you unpleasant because they’re jealous of your beauty, your confidence, and your way of living.

Hijabs are our Islam, Hijabs is the key to Jannah, and Hijab is our crown! Hijabs are our pride; Hijabs is our respect towards Allah. Hijabs are our strength. Hijabs are our haya. Hijabs are everything! Hijabs are our identity. An act of obedience, an act of honor and dignity, an act of purity, an act of belief and faith, an act of modesty. A shield.

Maybe this society will not accept you, but Allah will always grand your honor. This move of your life will lead you to Jannah. Will ease your sins, will give you strength. Will provide you noor, will strengthen your confidence to fight with this “Modern society.”

One day you’ll feel beautiful inside and out, you’ll feel comfortable, you will feel respected by others. One day you’ll accept this beauty by your heart and will carry this crown proudly in this world and will shine with pride.

No matter at what stage you are, it all counts for Allah. Today is difficult, tomorrow is more difficult but the day after tomorrow is beautiful.

Never let society humiliate you! Never make community wins over you! Don’t let anyone’s criticism or judgment define you who you’re.

“Haya does not bring anything except good.” – (Mohammad peace is upon him)

Hijabs are beautiful, so make it look gorgeous, wear it with love, wear it with pride most of all wear it right. It’s better to lose something for the Almighty than to lose the almighty for something.