Releasing Your Wild Woman


As we get caught up with our careers and family, we get busy and can lose a part of ourselves, the ‘inner being’ that encourages us to live life to the fullest. So how do we re-discover that ‘wild woman’ in ourselves?

Most women in business have already seen a glimpse of their wild woman. She appeared when they started their own business, spurring them on to achieve in a world where numerous women are still suppressed. Yet how many of us are living to our ‘wild’ potential?

In 1992 Clarissa Pinkola Estes wrote a book called Women who run with the Wolves. It became an international success, mainly with women who found that something was missing in their lives. In her book, Dr. Estes states that every woman has a wild woman within:

“We are all filled with a longing for the wild. There are few culturally sanctioned antidotes for this yearning. We were taught to feel shame for such a desire. We grew our hair long and used it to hide our feelings. But the shadow of the wild woman still lurks behind us during our days and in our nights.”

How to find your Inner Wild Woman?

So what is a wild woman, and how do we find her? In Women who run with the Wolves, she is described as the female soul, the source of the feminine, our intuition. “We each receive from her a glowing cell which contains all the instincts and knowings needed for our lives,” the author writes. “Women don’t have to be wild, but they do have to do justice to their wilder aspects.”

A ‘Wild Woman Webpage’ designer describes the wild woman as someone who always questions the oppressive roles patriarchy assigns to women, challenges them and knocks them over. Another view is given in a book review on SARK’s book Wild Succulent Woman. In it, the reviewer writes, ‘This book encourages women to live fully and to explore whatever blocks us from achieving that goal.’

From these, we can derive this basic definition – a wild woman is one who lives life to the fullest, takes risks, and achieves her goals. The wild woman is not afraid to do what she wants to do, despite being in a world where for centuries women have ‘kept the home’, done what is expected and have had to remain ‘ladylike’.

This definition is reiterated in Natalie Cole’s song Wild Women Do. The song goes “Wild women do, and they don’t regret it, wild women show what they’re going through. Wild women do what you think they’ll never, what you only dream about, wild women do.”

One prime example of a wild woman was Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop. Anita lived life to the full in all areas. In her book Body & Soul, she wrote about redecorating her flat when she was younger. She painted huge black footsteps up one wall, across the ceiling and down the opposite wall. On another wall, she wrote ‘Yippee’ in six-foot-high letters and drew ears on either side of a window because a neighbor was always spying on them.

She didn’t believe in conforming to the standard ‘rules of life.’ In her own words, “My belief is that we are doing something new, and there are no rules because no one has been there before. We are proving that you can be successful and still keep your sense of soul; you can make a profit and still be a force for social change.”

Anita is like the multitudes of women throughout the world who are finally realizing that we have reached a time where we can do what we desire and not be reprimanded for it (as long as it’s lawful!). We can jump out of airplanes, go trekking through Nepal and have midnight candlelit picnics on mountains. We can travel the world alone, start our businesses, and run for Parliament if we so desire. You can let our ‘wild woman’ out into the world.

Following your wild woman to success and happiness

Liz Constable, previously an Auckland-based life coach, describes a wild woman as not only someone who dares to do different things, but as someone who has the courage to be themselves in any situation.

“I was working as a life coach, and a lot of women were coming to me, and they were just worn out. They were tired of life. I needed something to spark them back into life, and then I found the book Wild Succulent Woman,” she says.

Liz admits to sometimes being a grumpy wild woman and sometimes a stroppy wild woman. She says releasing your wild woman is about having the courage to be yourself. “Just be real, that’s what we don’t do enough.

“I think in every woman there is a wild succulent woman. It’s whether we want to go looking for her. Women get caught up with careers and family, they get busy and all of a sudden it’s ‘Where did that wild woman go?”

Liz believes that to release the wild woman, we must learn to make ourselves happy. “We’ve still got that conditioning about pleasing our children and spouses first. Start by pleasing yourself and then that happiness spreads to the people around you. Have the courage to allow yourself to be yourself.”

Since starting my own business, I keep my inner wildness alive by continually pushing myself to try new things. It’s always scary to attempt something not knowing if it will succeed or fail, but one of the fantastic things I’ve found is that with each new challenge you take on, you’ll find your courage and confidence increasing even if you don’t always succeed.

Being a wild woman is about being confident, believing in yourself, and trying new things simply because you want to do them. Of course, it’s much easier to dive into something new when there’s guidance available, and you can see other women who’ve paved their successful way. I started my business Mi Trabajo Mi Casa to share the information that helped me learn to build my lifestyle as a freelancer, including the vast variety of opportunities for working from home. Women are still the minority in business, and we need to help each other succeed by sharing information and supporting.

10 ways to be a Wild Woman

There are a million ways to succeed in business when you embrace your wild woman, and sometimes you need to. Here are my tips for staying connected to your wild side.

  1. Trust your intuition and follow it
  2. Ask for what you want from people and form life
  3. Have adventures
  4. Express your emotions freely
  5. Be daring and confident
  6. Accept yourself
  7. Write a journal
  8. Network and connect with other women
  9. Set goals and be determined to achieve them

Follow William Pukey’s advice; Dance like no one’s watching, love like you’ll never get hurt, sing like no one’s listening, live like its heaven on earth.