Here’s Why You Surely Want To Visit Aspen

Here’s Why You Surely Want To Visit Aspen

Aspen does not enjoy the reputation that it deserves. We say this because it is seen as a vacation spot for the rich and powerful. It is not that hard to understand why this is the case since we see the retreat often covered in the media in a way that does not do it justice.

Sure, vacation rentals visit Aspen are incredibly luxurious, but this does not mean you cannot afford a stay. It is much cheaper than many other options. It is also a region that is built around tourism, making it a paradise all around the year.

Since there is a clear lack of information in regards to what Aspen offers tourists, especially during summers, let us think about some of the reasons you do want to consider it as your next holiday destination.

Much More Than Skiing

It is impossible to deny the fact that Aspen offers true world-class skiing and snowboarding opportunities for tourists. It is why there are so many competitions that are held there every single year. However, what most tourists quickly realize once they get there is that there is so much more to do than go skiing.

Aspen has a nightlife that is quite lively, and restaurants are an attraction in themselves. When it comes to shopping, you can visit so many designer stores, and affordable options are also present. Make sure that you learn all that you can about what you can do in Aspen on your trip since you will find many more things than what you initially thought.

Aspen Offers Four Mountains

Most people think that Aspen is just one mountain, Aspen Mountain. It is not correct. In fact, Aspen Mountain is a part of the 3 Aspen Snowmass mountains, together with Snowmass, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk. Every single mountain is different and has its very own advantages and disadvantages, even if they are within short driving distance and you can enjoy mountain hopping without a problem.

Across these four mountains, you gain access to a skiing area of over 5,000 acres. There are around 330 market trails you can experience, and 42 lifts make everything fast. Aspen Snowmass truly has it all, including backcountry skiing, tree runs, and groomers. Those that are beginners can choose the easy greens, and those that are experienced can tackle the advanced ski trails that take you right through the forest.

Learn about the trail types available on the mountain you want to visit. In some areas, the trails are mostly tailored for beginners while in others a beginner skier should not even think about skiing.

Maroon Bells

When you travel, you want to take many pictures, and in Aspen, there is one destination where you need to take some pictures. We are talking about Maroon Bells. It is located 12 miles away from it and has two peaks that have an elevation of over 14,000 feet as they tower right over Maroon Lake. The reflections here are simply breathtaking. Maroon Bells are made out of mudstone rocks that are unusual, creating two peaks that are renowned as being the most photographed in North America.

The Apres-Ski Scene

One thing you most likely never heard before is that there are over 200 microbreweries in Colorado. It does include the Aspen Brewing Company. You can visit the brewery and try one of the numerous craft brews that are available. Live music is available on Fridays and Saturdays both during winter and summer.

If you are interested in champagne, you can always go to the Oasis. It is Aspen’s very first pop-up champagne bar. It will weekly change locations, normally open during the weekends and while ski season is on.

World Class Pampering

It is one of the reasons why couples love Aspen. After you go skiing and you enjoy nature for the entire day, how about enjoying some spa pampering? You can find incredible luxurious spas that offer services at prices that are much lower than what you would expect. Couples massages are particularly popular, but chances are you can find any spa experience you are interested in.

A recommended option is the Viceroy Snowmass The Spa or St. Regis Aspen Remede Spa. These two are often recommended as the best spas in Aspen. However, other options do exist. Make sure that you see what spas are available close to where you will stay. You can surely find something that will offer that extra pampering that will make you more relaxed and the vacation more memorable.

Completely Dog-Friendly Ski Town

Most people do not know this about Aspen and assume they need to leave their dog home. It is normal to think like that since most world-class resorts do not allow dogs in almost all countries from around the world. However, Aspen is different.

In Aspen, dogs are welcomed. Numerous skiing trails are dog-friendly, like Ute Trail or Hunter Creek Trail. Your best friend will love to come with you, and if you choose Aspen, there is no reason why you should not seriously consider it.

You can visit many stores that now sell special gifts like a homemade dog cookie and restaurants that have special amenities that cater to the needs of the dogs. Even local banks might have such amenities. Aspen is completely dog-friendly as man’s best friend is highly appreciated in the area.

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