How to Relish Your Train Travel from Genoa to Florence?


Florence is the cradle of renaissance and the capital of Italy’s Tuscany region. The city is filled with historical landmarks with stunning architecture. It’s a great place to spend a calm evening drinking wine while admiring the city’s artistic ambiance. Its charm lies in the delicious cuisine served by its state-of-the-art diners.

No matter what time of the day it is, you can always pop into a restaurant to satiate your hunger. And just like other European intercity travel, the best way to reach Florence from Genoa is by train.

Trains are more comfortable than flights. It offers a spectacular view of the Tuscan landscape before you reach its capital city. If you are planning to go to Florence by train, here’s a definitive guide on how to relish your train travel from Genoa to France.

Reserve your Seats

If you want a comfortable train travel, it’s best to reserve your seats. While a train ticket only guarantees that you will be able to board the train, a reservation will guarantee that you will get your preferred seat in the train. A reserved seat will ascertain a comfortable journey. These days, one can book a train ticket online easily with just a tap of a thumb.

Pack necessary items to make your train travel enjoyable

The scenery from your window will keep you entertained throughout the journey, but you can make your journey more enjoyable. Since the train journey from Genoa to France takes more than 3 hours, remember to carry enough cash to buy something to eat or drink from the train kitchen. If you are on a budget, then remember to carry snacks that you can devour on your journey.

It is recommended to carry light to avoid discomfort due to insufficient space. If you’re planning to carry a big bag or a suitcase, make plans to carry that luggage in a safe and hurdle-free way.

Departing from Genoa

Trains from Genoa use two different routes to reach Florence. One of these is via Milan and Bologna, while the other one is via Pisa. It passes through the Tuscany region. The Genoa to Florence train via Milan departs from Genova Piazza Principe and takes 3 hours 25 minutes to reach Florence. The Genoa to Florence train via Pisa departs from Genova Brignole and reaches Florence in about 3 hours 40 minutes.

Train travel is the most sustainable form of travel across the European continent. When it comes to exploring the Tuscany region by train, then traveling to Florence from Genoa is the smartest choice you can make. If you have decided to savor this journey by train, you can buy cheap train tickets from Genoa to Florence online.

Admire the Tuscan Landscape

On rounding the numbers, you will get 3–4 hours to soak in the beauty of Tuscan hills while sipping wine. Travelling Italy by train is worth the time and is an excellent excuse to relish its iconic and diverse landscapes. On seeing multiple hues in the knolls and dells, you’ll understand why the Tuscan region is a hotspot for shooting films.

From vineyards and olive groves to long sandy beaches, the Tuscany region has everything to give yourself a soothing experience before you embark on exploring the breathtaking renaissance architecture of Florence. If you are visiting in spring, you will be welcomed by intense green hues which turn into brilliant orange and yellow hues during the summer and autumn season. Several castles are boasting of centuries of life thriving in this region.

Arriving in Florence

On reaching Florence from Genoa, you’ll find yourself in Firenze Santa Maria Novella railway station, also known as Firenze SMN. Leaving behind the Tuscan picturesque, you’ll be welcomed by buildings boasting of rich tradition. The Firenze SMN is just a hundred meters away from the Duomo. The Duomo or the Florence Cathedral is an epic renaissance dome 114 meters tall. So, if you are not too tired from the journey, you can head towards this magnificent architectural marvel.

What to do in Florence?

There is so much to do in Florence that you will be too overwhelmed to decide where to go. One of the most iconic sites in Florence is the Uffizi and the Galleria dell’ Academia (Academia Gallery). Both are museums showcasing painting and sculptural masterpieces. While the building of Uffizi is a sight to behold in its own, the Academia Gallery depicts many marble sculptures. One might question what the point of seeing white marble figures are, but trust us, seeing renaissance sculptures and art reinforces the essence of Florence. The Academia Gallery houses the world’s most famous sculpture, the Statue of David, which is a must see if you are visiting Florence.

If you have had enough of the buildings, the 16th century built Boboli Gardens are an excellent way to sit and relax while enjoying the view of large ponds with fountains and a unique selection of flowers and plants.

If you have enough time, you’d love to be a part of one of the cooking classes in Florence before you send your trip to Florence and take a train back.

What to eat in Florence?

The local cuisine of Florence is made with local ingredients like porcini mushrooms, oregano, basil, tomatoes, and varieties of locally produced cheese. Florentines love their tradition. Many of their dishes are traditional and unchanged since ages. Alcohol isn’t as popular, but wine is widely served even with the lunch. If you are in Florence, then you can’t miss tasting Tuscan wine, which is made with Sangiovese grapes.

Italy is famous for rich architectural heritage. Most of the recognition is earned by famous places like the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Ancient cities like Florence that are flooded with hundreds of ancient monuments represent the true tradition of Italy. If you are planning to visit Florence by train, you can book your train tickets here.