Best Carry On Luggage for Parents | Top Travel Luggage Options


Every parent will tell you that traveling with kids is never easy. Kids never stay at the same place, and if you have more than one, you will find yourself continually playing the role of police, judge, and referee. Staredowns from other passengers are common, especially when you are holding the line, and making others wait.

As such, you need good carry-on luggage that makes your travel a little bit easier and faster for you as a parent. But the question is, ‘how do you identify the best carry-on luggage?’ The above are suggestions inspired by Jamaica Hotel Review (read their guide here:

Here are some tips on what you should be looking for:


You know how kids are. They always try to squish the luggage when you are not looking, and if the luggage cannot hold up well, you will find yourself revisiting the stores. Ideally, the luggage should have hard sides that withstand any attempts at violating its structure.

The material should be sufficiently sturdy to overcome the abuse associated with dragging, pulling, riding and dropping. Its wheels must be durable, as well. Not the kind to disintegrate after a few uses.

A great way to determine the durability of the carry-on is by reading the customer reviews. If a good number of users underscore a particular issue, then it’s best to take note and move on with your search.

Alternatively, you can check such features like the fabric, frame, and waterproofing. If your carry-on has an internal frame, it is a good thing if it features fiberglass for strength. Ballistic nylon is an excellent choice of fabric as it is both strong and lightweight. For waterproofing, go with a protective coating such as DuraGuard.

Check the seams and other features like zippers. In rare cases, you may find a hole between the seams when it is already too late. Make sure the zippers are working flawlessly and are durable.


The luggage should also be functional with adequate space, aesthetics, and design to serve various purposes. For example, you should be able to use it on a trip upcountry, as well as, use it as a carry-on on a business trip or outdoor activities. It must also be easy to pull along and strong enough for the little one to sit on as you walk to the airport.

Size and Weight

Having to pay extra fees because the bag exceeds the limit can be quite painful. As such, make sure you get the right weight of the empty luggage before purchase. Typically, it should not exceed 10lbs. Don’t trust the ‘lightweight’ classification by the manufacturer. It may be a marketing gimmick.

Soft-sided carry-ons are perfect for stuffing with clothes and squeezing it in the overhead bin space. However, opt for the hard sided option if you are carrying fragile equipment within it.


Wheels on luggage are one of the most functional features that help move it along. The luggage manufacturers do not, however, include the wheels in their measurements; only the container. The three additional inches of wheels may determine whether the luggage fits on the overhead compartment or not.

To avoid such issues, look for packs with slightly embedded wheels, where they only extend a bit. That ensures your carry-on luggage is closer to exact measurements as much as possible to avoid damage and frustrations.

The choice between two wheels and four is a matter of personal preference and what makes it convenient for us. Most travelers may shun the four-wheelers, but it may be the more convenient option than the two-wheeler depending on the stuff we carry.

Some may tell you that numerous pockets on luggage are better than a few, but that might not be the case. Having to search each of the multiple pockets for your travel documents can hold up the line and even cause anxiety. Fumbling between pockets as the others wait is not pretty, also.

Ideally, decent luggage should feature about two pockets; one shallow and the other deeper. The shallow pocket will hold your all-important travel documents, and the deeper one can carry your favorite magazine.

The inside compartments and pockets are great. But remember that what may be standard for most people may not be ideal for you. Make sure, however, that the inside compartments help you organize your stuff as is necessary.