6 Beautiful Outdoor Spaces in Toronto

Places To Visit In Toronto

Toronto is one of Canada’s most famous cities, and for a good reason. The city is extremely populated and is home to many businesses, making it essential to the Canadian economy.

Toronto is also closely ingrained into American culture, having several teams in American professional sports leagues like the NHL, NBA, and MLB. The city is also extremely diverse, being home to some of the largest ethnic enclaves in the entire world.

However, what many people don’t know is the area is so much more than big buildings and real estate in Toronto. In fact, the city is home to some of Canada’s most amazing parks. These parks provide some natural beauty in what is otherwise a bustling city. So what are these amazing parks? Here are six beautiful outdoor spaces in Toronto.

Toronto Music Garden

One of the city’s most interesting outdoor spaces is the Toronto Music Garden. As the name suggests, the area is heavily inspired by music, a recurring theme throughout the area. The area was actually designed by famous musician Yo-Yo Ma and played host to a wide variety of musical events throughout the year.

In addition, the area is right next to Lake Ontario, ensuring that visitors will always have beautiful views. The area’s combination of a unique theme with its beautiful views makes it one of the top outdoor spaces in Toronto.

High Park

Toronto’s largest public park is High Park, and it has plenty to offer. The area has plenty of hiking trails, walking areas, and sports facilities for visitors to use. In addition, the park is famous for its gorgeous cherry blossoms that bloom every spring. These beautiful cherry blossoms make this park one of the best locations in the city to visit during the spring months.

Rogue Park

Rogue Park is another extremely large park located in Toronto, as it stretches through a large part of the southern portion of the city. Rogue Park was actually Canada’s first national urban park, meaning there is a lot of history behind the area.

The park provides 80 kilometers of walking space and a wide variety of landscapes, including marshes and forests. In addition, some of the park borders Lake Ontario, meaning your stroll through the park will reward you with an absolutely gorgeous view.

Evergreen Brick Works

If you’ve ever been to Toronto before, you’re likely familiar with Evergreen Brick Works. The outdoor area is some of the best Toronto has to offer, providing plenty for the whole family to enjoy.

The area includes several walking and hiking trails and even offers up guided tours to guests. There’s also almost always some great event going on in the area, ranging from Saturday farmer’s markets to special festivals. If you’re looking for an outdoor area that’s great for the whole family, you can’t go wrong with this choice.

Riverdale Park

One of the best outdoor areas for athletes in Toronto is Riverdale Park. While other parks may focus on walking paths and scenery, Riverdale Park places emphasis on athletic amenities.

No matter what sport you play or what to practice, Riverdale Park likely has something to offer you. The area includes a track, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, and a soccer field. If you’re a Toronto athlete and are looking to get outside and practice, Riverdale Park is a great place to visit. 

Bluffers Park

A unique outdoor area is Bluffers Park. While the area has several walking trails and other typical amenities you might expect from a park, that isn’t what makes the area truly unique.

The park actually has its own restaurant and bar, making it a great place for a date with your partner. You could make an afternoon out of visiting Bluffers with a nice walk and then grabbing lunch in the park immediately afterward.