What Style Bloggers Must Learn From Celebrities Social Media Activities

Celebrities from where ever they belong have a global appeal these days. Because of the interaction with fans via Facebook and Twitter, it’s very easy for them to communicate with their fans. Social media has really by all means revolutionized a lot of things. If we look into the entertainment industry, a lot has changed due to it. Whether it is the announcement of a new movie or if an actor wants to say a quick hi to the fans, it’s just a keystroke away.

Most celebrities like to use Twitter as their principal means of communication with their fans. It’s much faster than Facebook and gives a very quick on-the-use appeal. We will here see the top most active Twitter and Facebook celebrities.

When we talk about celebrity fans on the social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, they surpass millions, seems like there is this race going on to get more fans and followers than the others.

There is a lot to be learned from celebrities when it comes to how to use social media efficiently and appropriately to get massive fan followings. Not only this but also how to manage and interact with your readers and fans in the right way can also be very well learned.

Lessons to be drawn from the Celebrity’s Social Media activities:

Following are some of the key areas in which we can focus on and improve when we are interacting, building or just managing our fans and readers, keeping in mind how the celebrities do it.

Keeping Timely Updates According to What’s Happening

One of the first and utmost things to be noticed is that celebrities like to keep their fans updated with whatever they are doing, even when they are going to a shower or a party. You will always see the latest from celebrities who have a high number of fans and followers. So always keep your readers updated and maintain their interest alive.

Reply to your Readers with Respect

Always respond to your fans and readers to keep communication alive. If you post something and don’t respond when you get the comments, it gives a negative impression that you don’t care much. Reply to your readers to make them feel special.

Don’t Post Something Not Acceptable

Be very careful about what you are posting. We have seen many celebrities getting into trouble when they post something offensive, which has resulted in an inadequate response from fans and followers. So always try to be on the safe side and don’t hurt the sentiments of others.

The glamour model Tila Tequila was kicked off from the Big Brother celebrity season 16 over her social media comments about the Holocaust and the late Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Posting Special Pictures

People just love pictures that are rare or just in. You need to grab such pictures if you want to roll like the celebrities do. Post interesting pictures about locations you have visited for instance, or anything which can create a viral response from the audition.

Like if you get a picture with Justin Timberlake and post it on your blog it will get a huge amount of visitors and a good response traffic-wise.

It’s easy for celebrities to get immense traffic and response from people because of their fan followings, but you can also have that popularity. All you have to do is post quality stuff which is different and try to get some material that is distinct from the others, just try to be original and open like the celebrities are.

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