Simple Things Every Mom Should Know About Her Car Maintenance


Females are not well into knowing about car parts which are why they face problems as the car breaks down along the way. In this article, I have highlighted simple things that every mother needs to know about her car maintenance.

Tips for Car Maintenance

If there is one thing about cars that makes me paranoid, it’s the tires. With the last car that I owned, I must have had to change a flat tire on it at least once every few months. To this day, I have no idea what the problem was, but every single time the culprit was a nail. At least, I had the chance to use a discount coupon for Tire buyer and order my new tire online. After a while, I was convinced that a psycho was going around targeting Toyota Camrys merely so they could hammer a nail into one of the tires at random. But I digress.

Changing Tires

One of the first things that I learned about car maintenance before I was even allowed to sit down behind the wheel of my dad’s company car was how to change a flat tire. I still remember that summer where I was crouched down beside him in our driveway. He guided me through where to find the tire jack as well as instructions on how to properly prop up the car and remove each of the lug nuts from the affected wheel. It seemed relatively easy on that car.

But there is yet another reason why it is good to know how to change your tires. It saves you both time and money. If you don’t know how to change a tire and don’t have much luck finding a neighbour who is willing to change it for you, you’ll have to call up someone who does know such as AAA. However, companies like this are typically busy which means that you’ll be stuck waiting and paying in the end!

Know the Basic Specs of Your Car

What drivers need to remember is that with each car, the instructions may be slightly different. Not all vehicles carry their spare tire in the same place, and some cars have an actual tire in place of an extra. For example, a Jeep carries an exact, full-sized tire on the back of the car where it is easily accessible by the driver. Ford Explorers, which take their full-size spare tires on the underside of the vehicle, making it more difficult to access. Meanwhile, most four-door sedans carry their spare tire in the trunk, hidden underneath a thin piece of the trunk flooring.

Check Your Tires for Wears and Tears

Checking your tires is one of the essential safety checks that you can do before stepping foot in your vehicle. It only takes a few seconds to go around and check each tire quick for any malfunctions or wear and tear. It can end up saving you a lot of headache down the line.

Knowing how to check your tires for wear can save your life. Know what the tread on your tires are supposed to look like, this way you’ll be aware of when it’s time to get new tires.

Also, you’ll want to be cautious about over-inflating or under inflating your tires. It may contribute to you getting into an accident as it may reduce the amount of traction that your vehicle has with the road surface.

Check the Internet for Cheaper Car Parts

Finally, since buying new tires is something that happens on an annual basis. It usually costs much, it would be wiser to look online first. As we now do for many other things, online shopping has excellent opportunities to save money. is an online shop for all known brands and with great discounts. I found a tire buyer coupon code at Compared to my local seller, I saved around $30 per tire. It is an approximate $120 saved when buying a full set.