Nine Tips for Creating a Luxury Event


Often, when we host an event, budgeting is a priority. We must consider the amount of money we have to spend on the event and work within the allotted amount to pull off something memorable and successful.

But sometimes, a luxury event is a priority. Imagine you are working to create an event where the money is not an object but rather, the focus is on impressing your guests with all your event has to offer. Where would you begin?

Well, here are some tips for creating a luxury event that will be the ultimate treat for everyone that attends.

Make it Exclusive

To make your party exclusive, it is important to limit attendance. This way, every guest will feel special and will be more likely to attend.

On top of that, limited attendance will mean there will be plenty of room for guests to roam around, giving them the luxury of a spacious atmosphere.

Provide Escorts

Guests need to feel as if they are being attended to every step of the way. Be sure you have attendants on hand to help your guests get in and out of their cars, serve them drinks and hors d’ oeuvres. You can even have hosted on hand to provide small talk and make sure everyone is having a good time.

Serve Excellent Food

The food served at your event should be a sure sign of luxury. Forget about the pigs in a blanket. Think along the lines of fresh shrimp and antipasto, fresh salad, braised ribs, and antipasto. Be sure desserts are rich and elegant. Cocktails should be high end as well.

To take the food served at your party to the next level, provide your guests with a printed menu designed especially for the event with a wide range of choices.

Create a Sense of Ambiance

The atmosphere you create at your event should speak luxury. Lighting should be dimmed without being too dark. Fire pits, ice sculptures, and credenzas will give your event an elegant touch. Hire a classy wait staff and choose a location that provides an upscale environment and breathtaking views.

Add an Experience

If guests have the opportunity to experience more than just the ambience of the party, take advantage of it. Some vendors and venues may be perfect for providing these experiences. For instance, if a high-end chef is hired, guests may want to take a private tour of the kitchen. Other venues may have their gardens, plazas or farms.

Provide High-End Entertainment

The entertainment you provide must be classy as well. While you want to steer clear of hiring a magician that is suited for a child’s party, an elegant master of sleight of hand may fit in perfectly.

If you are hiring a band, select one that can adapt to a luxury atmosphere playing music in genres like jazz and classical. A versatile band may also be able to throw in some numbers that can get your guests off their feet and dancing if you feel it’s appropriate.

Live art can also give a party an elegant vibe. Consider hiring a high-end artist who can create artwork as your guests look on.

Be Discreet About Selling

If your event is made to advertise a company or promote sales or raise funds, a hard sell will be out of place with a luxury crowd. The soft-sell approach is much more effective. Also, if any branding is used in the décor, it should not stand out too much but rather work well with the ambience you are trying to achieve.

Know What Your Guests Like

Knowing your guests’ preferences will ensure that all have a pleasant time. Do some research in advance to find out what kind of cuisine they like, the entertainment they prefer and even the room temperature and audiovisual level that will make them feel comfortable. This information can be gleaned from the use of an RSVP card or registration portals.

Make it Organized

None of your guests will want to attend a party where they are waiting around for things to happen. Make sure everything runs smoothly from registration to fast-moving lines to the flow of food and entertainment. It will make your event appear effortless and provide the utmost in enjoyment for your guests.

Everyone enjoys the ultimate in luxury event, whether it is something they are used to in their everyday lives or whether it’s a special treat provided to them by their host. If you have an ample budget, think about including these elements for an event, everyone is sure to remember.