How to Wear Cologne – A Gentleman’s Guide:

How to Wear Cologne – A Gentleman’s Guide:

A gentleman is known for his ethics, personality, dressing and the way he smells. You can quickly pick a regular guy from gentlemen from the cologne they are wearing that is why it is essential to select and use the scent in right way. Many men try hard to go right with the cologne and perfumes, but lots of them fail to do so just because they don’t have proper knowledge about it. That is why in this article we bring you a complete guide on how to choose and wear cologne just like gentlemen.

How to choose Cologne?

Firstly, it is essential to select the right cologne for yourself. When the cologne is right, you can work it better. But why it is necessary to choose right cologne?

Lots of men have troubles that their cologne doesn’t last long, the fragrance fade away in few hours and many complain that the odor of sweat comes back again. All of these issues happen due to the cologne, and when you pick the right cologne, all the problems resolve it.

There are few tips to do so:

•    You must not buy any replicas and cheap perfumes and scents because not only they can lead to any skin irritation but the smell fades away quickly and doesn’t last long.

•    You must invest in more expensive colognes which will enhance your personality as well as improves your style too. There are lots of expensive colognes available in the market for you to choose and buy.

•    Buy different perfumes for different events depending on the durability of their fragrances.

How to Wear Cologne in the Right Manner?

Well, once you have chosen and bought the cologne the second most important thing to do is wear it correctly. You have to use some on your body as well as spray a little on your clothes too. It will help you smell fresh and fragrant all the day long. The best way to wear the cologne is mention below:

•    The right time to use the cologne is right after the shower as pores of your body is open that time and more product is absorbed into the body.

•    Make sure that your body is dry and no water is left because then the water will take all the perfume and more product is waste by evaporating in the air.

•    Wear the cologne in all warm areas of the body and where more contact is made with other such as wrist, neck, inner elbow, armpits and shoulders. The heated areas of the body tend to absorb more cologne as they have active pores and these pores are responsible for sweating.

•    Now make sure that the nozzle of your cologne bottle is working correctly, take a distance of 3 to 6 inches from the area and spray over it. It will help your body to receive the direct and right amount of product to collect on your body.

•    Now rub your both wrist in a circular motion to evenly distribute the cologne all over it and last longer.

•    You are currently ready to wear clothes and dress yourself up. In case you find any smell or odor on your clothes slightly sprays your cologne on your clothes too.

Usually, the clothes soak up the smell you are wearing and the sweat as well that is why it no needs to overdose your body and clothes with the cologne because no one wants to get irritated by your heavy perfume. The colognes are made for you to use a minimal amount, and anyone can feel it when you get in contact or just pass through them. Usually, right quality cologne just needs few sprays for a more prolonged and lasting effect, unlike the cheaper and replica ones. Colognes works best when used on the skin, therefore, use it there, and in case you would like strong fragrance, go for an extra spray.

How to keep your Cologne Last Longer?

Since you are investing a right amount of money in your colognes, then you want them to last more extended period as well. You can make sure that the cologne can last more time depending on the use, therefore, keep it in a safe place. Usually, the bottles break when it is mishandled so that you can keep it on your dressing table at the back, so it doesn’t break if your hand hits it. Otherwise try not to keep it n slipper areas, side tables and or corners where it is easier for them to fall and get broken. You can always choose a dark and cold place to keep your cologne which is not only good for the cologne itself but also better for the bottles. They are more unlikely to damage as compared when left in hot and wet places such as bathrooms or under a bulb.

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