How to Remove Stretch Marks after Giving Birth

How to Remove Stretch Marks after Giving Birth

There are many remedies to remove stretch marks, but keep in mind they do not remove completely. They fade away, eventually leaving behind subtle and smooth scars matching your skin color in most cases.

If you want to completely remove your stretch marks then, some clinics and surgeons claim to completely get rid of stretch marks by the means of surgery or laser treatment.

We have put up some effective homemade remedies, plus some other more serious and expensive treatments to remove stretch marks.

Home Made Treatments to Remove Stretch Marks

Oil Treatment

Oils can help your skin rejuvenate, if, applied regularly. Massage the affected area and leave it for some time, take a bath afterwards for better results. Olive oil, Vitamin E oil, Coconut oil and Castor Oil are some commonly used oils for this purpose. Avocado, primrose, and lavender Oils also help in healing the stretch marks.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel contains auxin and gibberellins hormones which help the skin heal itself. It is also beneficial for the dry and damaged skin as it hydrates the skin, making it smooth and soft.


Drink plenty of water; you should be drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. Water keeps the skin hydrated and speeds up the healing process of the stretch marks.

Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter

Shea and cocoa butter are the most common ingredients of moisturizers and lotions as they improve the elasticity of the skin and prevent dryness.

Other Treatments to Remove Stretch Marks

Hyaluronic Acid

One remedy for stretch marks is to use products containing hyaluronic acid. It is a powerful humectant and binds the moisture to your skin helping it regenerate. Hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring chemical in our body.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatments can be very costly and painful but are incredibly useful. A beam of high-energy ultraviolet laser light is used to remove thin layers of skin around the stretch marks. New layers of healthy skin are then formed, and the stretch marks disappear.

Another effective process is Microdermabrasion.


Collagen is a protein produced by our skin cells to hold the skin together, giving it firmness. Creams and gels containing collagen have proven to be a handy way to reduce stretch marks.


Elastin is a highly elastic protein in our skin, which allows it to resume its shape after being stretched. Creams containing elastin prove to be very potent in the reconstruction of the skin and reduction of the stretch marks.


Tretinoin or retinoic acid is a derivative of Vitamin A. Creams containing Tretinoin have proven to reduce the recent stretch marks significantly. It also works on older stretch marks but not that effectively.

Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is used in most dermatology and cosmetic products and is essential for boosting collagen in the skin.


Surgery is the only current way to completely remove stretch marks. Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) tightens abdominal muscles and removes excess skin in the mid to lower abdominal region. It is advisable only for patients with lot of loose skin associated with scarring and stretch marks.

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