7 Common Skin Problems & How to Treat Them

Skin Problems

7 Common Skin Problems & How to Treat Them

If there’s one thing that will represent you for the longest time, then that is your skin. Being the largest organ of your body, it takes care of almost every little function. From protection against harmful chemicals to providing the perfect appeal, it does nearly every job. So, you must keep this organ well-maintained and nourished. The only way to achieve glowing skin is through a viable and natural skincare routine. You need to adhere to aesthetic ingredients that healthily accentuate your skin.

Your skin represents what’s happening inside your body. An unhealthy and under-nourished skin indirectly states that there’s something wrong with your physiological systems. You must keep your body healthy as a whole. And, it starts with achieving the perfect and radiating skin. Around 25% of the population suffers from dermatological ailments. The most common reason for these skin-related issues is the lack of appropriate skincare. Hence, it becomes highly essential to keep track of your skin.

Keep reading to know the most common skin problems and ways to prevent or get rid of them quickly.

Acne Vulgaris Due To Hormonal Changes

One skin ailment that troubles more than half of the US population is Acne. Red, inflamed, and itchy bumps on your face are the most irritating of all skin problems. Not only does it hamper your life, but it also transforms your face into a dull and boring one.

The primary cause of Acne resides in the oil or sebaceous glands on your face. As the level of hormone fluctuates, your hair follicles and oil glands undergo blocking. That way, the excessive oil keeps on accumulating and makes it’s way outside through small red-coloured bumps. These bumps are nothing but acne vulgaris.

Your face is the part that is most prone to Acne. Other areas that might be affected by these skin problems are the chest and back. Along with several dermatological complaints, Acne also affects the patient mentally. More than half of the acne patients suffer from severe anxiety and depression. Here are some affordable treatment options for acne vulgaris.

  • Isotretinoin given orally is one effective acne treatment
  • Sarecycline tablets are the FDA approved treatment options for severe acne
  • For a natural treatment, you can try out apple cider vinegar or honey enriched masks.

Red-colored Blisters Of Shingles

Here’s one viral disease that affects your skin predominantly. Shingles, caused by the aggressive herpes zoster virus, can lead to furious red colored blisters on your skin. The blisters occur along with mild to moderate fever and headache.

Shingles are one of the most common skin problems that require immediate treatment. The incidence of shingles is more in people who suffer from chickenpox at least once in their lifetime. It is because the herpes zoster virus causes both diseases. As far as the treatment is concerned, vaccination is the preferred mode that prevents the disease in the future as well.

  • Zoster live vaccine given as an injection subcutaneously can prevent any shingles attack
  • Antiviral drugs and valacyclovir are common treatment options for this disease

Itchy & Inflamed Skin Of Urticaria

Are you troubled by sudden attacks of itchy red skin around your facial area? If yes, consider consulting a dermatologist today. Urticaria or hives present as itchy and inflamed skin around your facial area or throat. The disease occurs after a potential trigger through certain medications or foodstuffs.

Along with this, bees or insect bites can also cause attacks of urticaria. Although the disease subsides after a few hours, it might persist and convert into a chronic disease. If the urticaria stays for long, it requires proper treatment with antihistamines.

  • OTC or over the counter medications are the first choice to treat urticaria
  • Antihistamines like loratadine used to prevent the triggers that lead to urticaria in future

Dry & Scaly Lesions Of Seborrheic Dermatitis

Dry, scaly, and itchy skin lesions are quite common as the winter season approaches. But, it becomes a matter of concern when the condition doesn’t go away throughout the year. Dermatitis presents dehydrated skin that becomes scaly and thickened after some time.

While there are many forms of dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis is the most common one. It affects the scalp, skin as well as folds of skin of your body. Mostly, the patients complain of excessive dandruff and dry skin. The ideal treatment of seborrheic dermatitis includes certain antifungal as well as anti-inflammatory properties — other forms of dermatitis or eczema that might affect people are atopic and contact dermatitis.

  • Use Topical Steroids to decrease the skin-related issues of eczema
  • Dupixent injections used in patients who don’t respond to topical treatment

Hot & Painful Skin In Sunburn Cases

With winter comes the opportunity to bathe in the sun by the seashore. But, what accompanies the tanning sessions is red and painful sunburn. To keep yourself away from such skin troubles, consider limiting the exposure to the sun.

The intensity of sunburn varies from small areas that are red and painful to highly troublesome peeling of the skin. The only way to stop these burns is by staying indoors and using a huge amount of sunscreen while heading out. You can also use some other creams and over the counter medications.

  • Use NSAIDs to limit the pain due to sunburns
  • OTC products containing lidocaine are good treatment options
  • For natural ways, use aloe vera gel to soothe the burnt areas of skin

Chronic Swelling Of The Face In Rosacea

Yet another skin problem affecting the population worldwide is rosacea. The disease begins with facial swelling and redness that covers the whole face. Although the condition is common in middle-aged people, even children are prone to this disease. Along with the skin-related trouble, yet your veins and immune system suffer from the effects of this. Prominent veins and extreme weakness are some other symptoms.

  • Metronidazole topical creams to get rid of the bacterial damage
  • Beta-blockers to remove the redness as well as swelling on the face

Cracked & Itchy Sole In Athlete’s Foot

Just like your face, even the foot is equally prone to skin problems and fungal infections. The athlete’s foot affects a large number of population. Extreme itching and redness of the foot is the major problem occurring due to this disease. Fungal species called dermatophytes reside in warm and moist areas and cause athlete’s foot. To treat the disease, you must take strong antifungal drugs.

  • Keep your feet dry and clean all the time
  • Over the counter, antifungal drugs like Micatin can be of great help in this disease

Final Verdict

Self-care begins with your skin and appropriate skincare routine. You can’t keep your internal organs salubrious until and unless your skin isn’t in top-notch condition. More than 20% of the population suffers from common skin ailments. Hence, it becomes even more essential to keep skin disease-free — dermatological diseases like seborrheic dermatitis and acne cause physiological as well as mental symptoms.

Every skin related ailment is accompanied by some mental complaints like anxiety and depression. Acne vulgaris appears to be the primary cause of stress in the US population. The occurrence of mental troubles is more amongst teenagers. So, keep yourself well-maintained physically as well as mentally with healthy skin.

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