Women’s Pants Styles: Shopping and Style Guide

Women’s Pants Styles: Shopping and Style Guide

Pants are a core staple of literally everyone’s wardrobe, so it’s easy to get a little stuck when it comes to finding a style that works for you, your body shape and the rest of your clothes! Everybody knows the pain of owning seemingly countless pieces of clothing, and no proper outfits. That’s how we get into the trap of “oh my god I have nothing to wear” on certain mornings, or evenings.

A great pair of pants will carry you through every occasion and season, they will flatter you, make you feel comfortable and last for many years. This elusive pair of perfect pants is out there, promise, it’s just a question of how to find them. Here’s how!

Lengths Matter

Leg length makes a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your pants, no matter how tall you are. A common misconception is that there are specific lengths and fits for particular heights, with little room for variation. It, of course, is not true at all! You’ll find that regular pants lengths vary between a 32”, 30”, 28” and even 26”, when a brand accommodates the petite frames among us! These lengths should be chosen in accordance with your height; however, we should never be afraid of getting a little more playful with the looks that we choose!

A cropped pant looks fantastic on all body types; this also allows you to flaunt a pair of gorgeous decorative socks or some of your best-loved, statement shoes. The long-hem trend has also been all over the fashion world at the moment, dramatic long sleeves and pants are incredibly in-vogue, so if you like to look – try it out!

Explore your Options for Cuts

Once you’ve got your required or desired hem length down, it’s time to explore cuts! Not all pants are straight up and down – on the contrary! You’ll have your choice between all kinds of cuts, from skinny to parachute, kick-flare to boyfriend fit, there’s a whole world of options. If you’re looking for a universally flattering fit, a high waisted pair of wide-leg pants make every figure look beautiful.

Kick flares are high if you want to show off your curves in a cool and fashionable way. The boyfriend fit suits tall figures amazingly also. If you want a straight cut, this is probably the best way to go if you’re going to stick to a demure yet classy silhouette during work hours.

Materials Make a Different

Materials do matter! Pants are legitimately transformed once they are cut from different fabrics. To keep cool in summertime, opt for lighter cotton, linens or linen blends, these are airy and incredibly breathable. Viscose, lyocell and polyester are crease-resistant, so if you can’t face morning ironing and you don’t get overheated too easily, these are fantastic.

Thick cotton or twill is perfect for a winter or autumn chino or dress pant, but if you want to be cosy during the colder months, you should opt for thick wool. Denim is, of course, a more casual and relaxed material, ideal for all your weekends or more chilled-out dinners. It is best avoided during office hours, and many corporate environments will specifically ask that you do not wear it, so keep those jeans for Saturdays and Sundays! Silk, satin or lace are a dream if you’re looking for pants to wear to gorgeous evening events or special occasion dinners!

Phew, that’s a lot of info on women’s pants! Get shopping to find your perfect fit today; they’re out there!

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