How To Test Pair Your Apparels Before Buying?


You can’t defeat age, but you can surely deceive it. All you can do is to use supplements ( not the proteins and nutrient ones ), and you can be believed to be younger than you are. Having said that, it is mandatory to state beforehand that, this article has nothing to do with your age. You wish to be a younger and nicer version of yours? Well, we can’t provide you nectar, but we can help you with your dressing and apparels styling.

Have you ever wondered what you should be wearing and how do your apparels affect the way you are perceived? It is something that every one of us does whenever we go out shopping for clothes.

The real question is, does the previous question help you with any decisions you make while buying your clothes? Sometimes, it may, and sometimes it doesn’t. If you were to believe top fashionistas and Daves, you’d come to know that there are a few crucial aspects as to what you should be looking for while shopping your apparels.

Understand Your Own Aesthetics First

The first and foremost step to decide what to wear and how to pair your clothing pieces is to understand your physique. Lean, obese, fit, tall, short, and of course, the tone of your skin and facial measurements, all of these things affect the way you dress and what suits you.

Considering your physical attributes, you should choose the designs and patterns accordingly. For example, vertical stripes can make a fat person seam lean and a short person seam tall. It is just for reference. So, the next time you go out shopping, make sure that you choose what suits you and pair accordingly.

Apart from just the physical attributes, your facial attributes can also make a difference. Your nose, your eyes, and the shape of your face are all crucial in deciding what style should you wear. A round neck t-shirt usually suits better a person with an elongated face as compared to someone who has a round face. The simple factors, if considered, can seriously alter and enhance your style quotient, effortlessly. All you need to do is understand your features.

Go For The Comfortable Combinations

One of the worst mistakes that almost every guy makes is to compromise comfort for looks. You necessarily don’t have to do that. Always look for comfortable clothing. More than physical influences, dressing comfortably has more to do with your psychological styling.

This does not mean you should compromise on looks. You need a balance between both. As long as you feel comfortable in the clothing you wear, you can present yourself better in the crowd. And, of course, you want to be the best of yourself, be it perceived or deceived.

Here’s a secret tip for you, if you may like. Choose a loose fitting shirt or t-shirt to facilitate your movement, while considering the prints over it should suit your personality. If you want to look nice but feel comfortable on a night out, Adam White from Jasper Holland suggests dressing up a simple but form-enhancing t-shirt with some slim jeans, a classy watch, and a cardigan. Or you can also try a combination of a free fit tee with a loose pair of pajamas.

Are T-shirts For Denims And Shirts For Trousers?

Do you always pair your t-shirts with your denim and shirts with your trousers? Are you one of those guys who strictly believe that t-shirts are informal whereas shirts are formal? Here’s a myth buster for you. T-shirts can be structured and informal, depending upon how you wear it.

There are specific t-shirts for formal purpose as well. Similarly, shirts can also be worn both ways, formally and informally. You can pair a polo with your trousers or a straight-fit pair of denim, and you have a perfectly stunning formal look for yourself. Otherwise, you can look for a checkered shirt, half tucked in and half out, with a pair of rugged denim, for your casually funky looks.

There are truly no defined lines and territories as to what should be worn, in particular. In the end, it’s your sense of styling that makes these rules. You should keep on experimenting with your styling and pairing, and you never know what new trend you may set.

Choose The Styles That Compliment Your Physique

As already mentioned, you need to understand your physical attributes before you start choosing your clothing. To help you decide, you can take a friend or a family member with you, while shopping. Having someone to criticize what’s right and what’s not is probably the best option you have.

Or you can try picking up pieces of design and style from different magazines and blogs. It would help clear the clouds as to what is trending. Nevertheless, you still need to understand what would suit your physique. In case, you decide you buy a short t-shirt, that’s slim-fit, and you are a bit healthier, you may find yourself the next trending joke on Instagram.

So it is always better to measure your body size and shape and then decide, what fits you comfortably. Stressing the fabric unnecessarily would only result in fatigue (fabric or body). Pairing your clothes in a manner that is fit as well as swift with your body is truly a remarkable styling quotient.

No matter what you pair and how you pair, you need to combine colors, complimenting each other and your skin tone, and not otherwise. You can make use of a color wheel if you want to. Just make sure that you always pair colors that are oppositely placed on the wheel. It is what professional designers and fashion icons make use of while curating their seasonal launches.

Now that you have the tips in your hand, you can surely decide better about what to wear and what to pair with. It isn’t rocket science. It’s just a trial and test procedure that can never be overruled!