Suspect Your Partner of Cheating? Most Effective Way to Find The Truth

Suspect Your Partner of Cheating? Most Effective Way to Find The Truth

Do you suspect that your partner is cheating? Are you wondering what should be your course of action to find the truth? Well, before you decide anything, you must read some statistics.

Statistics say, the percentage of marriages in which one or both spouses admit to infidelity, either emotional or physical is 41.  Sometimes, even the sound of their voice is enough for you to recognize they are cheating. The question is, how should you follow up your suspicions?  According to a recent survey conducted by the Superdrug Online Doctor, among 1000 Europeans and Americans who suspected their partner is cheating, mostly used one of the 5 methods to check their partners – glancing at their phone, reading their text messages, stalking their social media accounts, checking their browsing history, questioning mutual friends and secretly following them.

So, which one is the most effective strategy of all to catch a cheating spouse? Most of the respondents unraveled the mystery by following their partner. However, only 1 in 10 respondents were brave enough to follow their partners. Although following your partner represents a commitment to investigating their loyalty and it also indicates that you don’t have a natural suspicion; you are pretty sure something is wrong.

Catch a cheating spouse with a spyware instead 

Snooping on your partner’s messages, checking their browsing history or questioning their mutual friends are more reasonable strategies for finding out the truth than following them. But accessing your partner’s phone is not as easy as it seems. If they are really cheating, they will never let their phone loose. To go through their call logs, contacts or messages, you will need some time alone with their phone. What you need is a spouse iPhone spyware app. This app will solve your spouse’s cheating mystery in no time.

Xnspy will make tracking down your partner’s activities easy. Interestingly, you won’t need physical access to your partner’s phone to use this spouse iPhone spyware app. All you will need is their iCloud credentials since Xnspy works by retrieving the data stored on the iPhone’s iCloud. Once that’s done, you will just have to use your Xnspy’s web account to view everything stored on your partner’s phone. Here is how you can use this app to get to the bottom of the cheating mystery:

  • Check their iMessages 

If you can’t grab their phone to read their messages, no problem this spouse iPhone spyware app will let you read their iMessages from a remote location. You can even read the messages that were deleted from the iPhone.

  • Track their location 

If you don’t want to be a stalker or you don’t have the courage to follow your spouse, then use Xnspy to track them. This spyware will also help you track cheating boyfriend or girlfriend. You can view their current location and their location history. Let’s suppose your partner says that they are going on a business trip at the weekend. This can be verified by using the spouse iPhone spyware app. 

  • View call logs

If you want to view the call logs on your partner’s iPhone, again Xnspy can do that for you. It lets you see the incoming calls, outgoing calls, and missed calls with time and date stamps and call durations. This will make it pretty clear who your partner frequently calls during their day.

  • View the contacts

You can even view the contacts on your partner’s iPhone with this spouse iPhone spyware app. If you suspect a particular contact name, you can write that number down and even give them a call. 

  • Assess the email and web browsing history 

Chances are your partner is only communicating with the other man or women via email. If you don’t know the password to their email, no problem, it is still possible to track cheating boyfriend or girlfriend by using Xnspy since it allows you to access the default email app on the target phone. You can even check the web browsing history on the iPhone’s default browser to track down other suspicious activities.   

  • Track social media activities

If you suspect that your partner is communicating with someone on iMessage, Facebook Messenger WhatsApp, Viber or any other Instant Messenger app, with this spouse iPhone spyware app, you can view their chats and even any multimedia that is being shared through these apps.

Sometimes, you have no choice but to snoop. If you are set on doing it, do it once only. If spying them becomes a routine because you don’t trust your partner anymore, then you need to get out of the relationship. During the spying event, make sure you save any evidence you come across. Once you have the proof, you can confront them easily. 

Other ways to confront your partner 

Of course, there are other ways of confronting your partner too. Such as:

  • Look for obvious signs: Before you confront them, you have to be sure that they are actually cheating. It is always good to go with your gut but you also need to validate your suspicions. To find that out, look for obvious signs such as a change in the appearance, being possessive about their phone, coming late from work, hanging out with new friends more than usual, etc. 
  • Talk to them: Don’t start by asking them: ‘Are you cheating on me?’ Instead, choose the right words like, ‘I have noticed our relationship isn’t as strong as it used to be and I am worried that you might be seeing someone else’ or something similar.

The kind of response you get will let you know if you can save your relationship or not. 

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