Dating Flip: 8 Reasons Why Guys in 20’s Prefer Women of 30’s

While the conventional tradition shows how perfect a younger girl and an older guy will look together, the present times are flipping the charts upside down. Men in their 20s are going for women in their 30s. It might sound odd to many, while others find nothing wrong with the concept.

We all want someone special in our lives who makes us feel utterly important. Why limit the choice to younger women when the pool is filled with all kinds of fish?

Well, here are the reasons exactly why men are choosing older women for themselves and vice versa.

Craving for Excitement

Men in their 20s are foolish, young, and naïve compared to the guys in their 30’s. On the other hand, women in their 30s are primarily sick of their jobs, are bored to hell, and crave excitement. What only sounds sensible is both people date and find what they need. Right?
The woman will get back her exciting life, and the guy will get a woman willing to explore all horizons. Perfect match!

Self Sufficiency

By this age, she can care for herself without nagging you to do small things. She has a set routine and is perfectly happy with it. Men in their ’20s seek stability and maybe some pampering! They’ve got it now!

They don’t freak out about small things!

At 30, women can differentiate between small issues and real emergencies. She won’t get awfully mad about you oversleeping without wishing her a ‘happy birthday’ or missing her friend’s success party. She is mature!

Talented and Successful

An older woman is talented and successful. She won’t be dating you because of your money or cars. By now, she knows what she is searching for and is probably attracted to you because of YOU.


Women younger than 30 focus on being perfect without making the wrong moves, while a woman in 30s has already been there, done that, and is much more confident. Men like confidence. Men find it easier to be a part of a woman’s life who is mature and confident enough to know what she wants. Confidence matters!

Challenging and Adventurous

Do you know how girls can act like girls sometimes? Yes. A woman in her 30s won’t act childish when you ask her to accompany you for mountain climbing or cliff diving. She might say no to your face but won’t start acting shy and double-minded.

The bathroom will be available!

Lol! She won’t keep you waiting outside the bathroom while slowly curling her hair. By now, I bet she can get ready within minutes, even in her slumber. Men like swiftness! It’s true.

She’s straightforward

She won’t beat you around the bush. If she wants to buy that dress, she will let you know. She won’t keep expecting it from you while you have no idea. Men like honest and clear-cut conversations.