Heal Your Relationship Issues And Start Fresh With Couple Therapy

Heal Your Relationship Issues And Start Fresh With Couple Therapy

Do you marry a person after crossing hurdles of many complications, financial instabilities, family prestige issues, religion and faith issues, love and relationship issues and diverse problems to see the day when you see the marriage struggle and on the verge of a break-up?

It is just not what a marriage achieved with so many vows, and adjustments deserve. Whether it’s a point of a breakup or multiple problems after a few months of marriage, a few days, or a few years; problems must be sorted.

That is because you two see yourself as a couple, whereas the rest of the world sees you as a family, and your in-laws and people also treat you like a family. And a family must not break, especially when you also have a child in between. That is why many engaged couples understand the importance of going through marriage and couple counseling, which would take them through a series of activities, conversations, and therapies to heal the internal issues in between them.

The common problems in married life

There are some problems which are common in marriages. One or the other or a few occur in all problematic married relations. Some of them are:


It is common in relationships, and most of the couples complain of this. This can be an emotional relationship or just a physical relationship. It may be a one night stand or a long term serious affair. It may be online chats and addiction to pornography. But it is a common problem that affects many marriages.

Sexual differences

It is the second most affecting factor in marriages. Often with time, the libido of one of the spouses may go down. Also, they may be virile but just not emotionally and sexually compatible with each other from the beginning. One may be less expressive or uncomfortable in some ways and approaches. Hence differences do arise.

Values, ego, ideologies, and beliefs

These things also form a barrier between a couple. When the beliefs and values and approach to life does not require math, then differences do emerge, and small things may take the shape of large ugly battles.

Different stages of life

When one in the couple identifies himself or herself in a different league, in a different phase of life, where the principles, dreams, and fantasies of the person don’t match with those of the spouse, then problems do occur. The problem is more common in couples with a big age difference.

Other common issues include trauma, stress, anxiety, lifestyle, pressure, and influence of in-laws, trust issues due to painful past, boredom, and over-possessiveness, etc. The good news is couple and marriage therapy centers can help address these issues and helps sort them completely. You need to find a good therapy service which is guided by some highly reliable, empathetic, and experienced specialist like Dr. Anne Hancock, PsyD for a healing touch to the problem.


Couples who went through such therapies having successfully healed their relationship issues, and have started with each other with increased bonding, love, trust and empathy with new zeal. And you also can be one of them if you decide to get help on time.

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