Dating a Muslim Girl Vs a Christian Girl

The world is a complicated place. Though we live together, we are bound to our ethnicity, our religion, our caste, and creed. These factors make things difficult. For example, dating a person who is not from your religion is prohibited by many religions of the world. But certain religions have their perks too.

In Islam, if a guy is dating a Christian girl, he can even marry her without converting her. But if a Muslim girl is dating a Non-Muslim guy, then the Muslim girl is not favored to marry the non-Muslim man. All the schools of thought of Islam are of the view that you can marry people who belong to other religions, but it is not favored. There is no prohibition, but the scholars state that it could result in difficulties at the time of upbringing of your kids.

If a Christian girl is dating a Non-Christian guy, she is allowed to do so. The best part about it is that you start cultivating religious tolerance. You start understanding the concepts of the different religions, and you come to know that all religions preach peace, and it’s necessary to respect religion and its followers. In this way we can have the progress, we aspire for.

Dating a person from a different religion and ethnicity cultivates a sense of well-being in you and makes you more religiously and culturally aware. If a Muslim girl dates a non-Muslim guy, she is supposed to remain steadfast to her religion. She is meant to have control over her religious affairs, and she should practice them.

Dating Christian girl tips:

If a Muslim guy is dating a Christian girl, he is supposed to take care of her religious affairs, and it is his moral duty not to interfere in her religious practices because the International Human Rights, Article 18 sets out the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion. According to this article, you can’t implement your ideas or your religious practices on anyone. So it’s better if you leave her to her religion. It is highly appreciated if you show understanding when she has to be with her family at events like Christmas, Easter, etc. Instead of asking her to avoid going to religious events, you should abstain from talking about such sensitive topics. It is to the best of your interest not to be judgmental about her or her religion. You love that girl for the person she is. Accept her fully!

Dating Muslim girl tips:

If you are a Muslim, and you are dating a Muslim girl, you should set some boundaries. As Islam prohibits any affairs before ‘Nikkah’ (marriage), it is going to be highly considerate of you not to ask your girl to spend a lot of time with you, indulge in immoral activities, and gain access to her body before marriage. So what you need to do is to figure out whether you will be marrying this girl or not. For this, you need to take her into confidence and make her understand your motives.

Every girl wants commitment, love, and sincerity. To grow together tell her from the first day that you want her as a life partner and that she shouldn’t avoid you. If you are a non-Muslim guy, and you are dating a Muslim girl, understand her values about religion and culture. Try to decipher the meaning of her concepts about her religion, because understanding leads to trust and love. You shouldn’t be judgmental about her or her religion, and you shouldn’t interfere in her religious practices. If she needs time for her daily prayers or her fasting, give her ample time. Do not fight over issues as to why won’t she let you touch her before marriage.

If it’s your first time dating a girl, make sure you make her feel comfortable. She shouldn’t be hesitant to open up in front of you. Make her feel that you love her and that she means a lot to you. Try to make her smile more often and ignore issues that could lead to a fight, but if you think you have a good understanding with her, then discuss all matters in a very civilized manner. Ensure that you do not bring tears to her eyes by breaking promises, scolding her, or restricting her. Let her have her freedom because suffocation only leads to broken hearts. Love her for the person she is, and then you just see for yourself. She will be the best partner for you. She will love you the most. She will cater to your needs and stay by your side through thick and thin. Trust me; love develops when you have respect for the other person, and you understand the other person.