How to get votes for Facebook Application Contests?


Any competition can go either of the two ways—there will be a panel of judges whose option will be the be-all and end-all. OR, you will get the opportunity to lobby for votes on lucrative and immensely promising social media apps such as Facebook.

But merely requesting your friends and family members to vote for you will not guarantee the winner position. Why do you ask? Most will make promises and forget it in the next instance. To ensure success, you need to actively promote your candidature so that your acquaintances, as well as strangers, wish to put you on top.

In this article, we will discuss how you can brand yourself as a compelling and bankable candidate who deserves the public on their side. Continue reading to find out more!

1. Trust none but Thyself

The best way to go about the vote securing business is to trust your instincts and create a personal Facebook voting group. Unlike a host of other options, this strategy is completely free and quite effective. You get to decide specific rules and regulations that you want to set up for your voting purposes. It will help you attract those people who will be more than willing to spend their precious time in furthering your growth and success.

First and foremost, you should create a Facebook group expressly directed toward a singular contest or gather the strength of your entire friend group to form a support group where you create an environment of positivity by sharing encouragement, votes, and critical tips as well. If you decide on the rule that people can vote more than twice, please do specify that they should do it as often as possible.

2. Build your Wall

There are so many tools that Facebook offers to ensure a high number of votes, and your Facebook wall is one of the most important weapons in your arsenal. It is not the space for subtlety. Start by pasting a hyperlink of your competition entry directly on the wall. However, be warned: only about one-fourth of your friend circle will be interested in the giveaways that you plan—you can AND SHOULD leverage your insights into your friend list to personally request those who you think will end up voting for you. Basically, you should strive to get sure shot votes instead of dealing with hypotheticals.

Our pro tip? Seek out your fellow competitors and become Facebook friends with them or others who enter similar competitions. It is because Facebook friends who truly appreciate the worth and value of winning such competitions will try their best to make you win on a regular and consistent basis. We know this tip requires a little bit of in-depth research, but we promise that it is worth it! You can go through a few online forums to weed out people with similar interests or ambitions.

3. Sharing is Caring

Believe it or not, there are multiple forums on Facebook that facilitate the opportunity to request a larger audience to vote for their participation in any competition. Most of these groups are frequented by people who want you to vote for them as a return favor. We would recommend being a little cautious before joining any such vote exchange groups and eventually lobbying for votes. It is because the rules of the groups might have different terms that might sometimes prove to have adverse effects on your candidature.

Ensure that the competition in which you are participating does not prohibit you from joining some of these groups. Moreover, some groups allow you to ask for votes from only those people who you are acquainted with. If you do not abide by these rules, your candidature might end up being disqualified, and no one wants that! Also, choose the active vote exchange groups using a quick Google or Facebook search.

Bonus Tip: You can use exchange sites to get more votes for your contest. We found from a recent study on vapulsemedia, 81% of contestants do buy facebook votes for their competition to win. So you can try buying votes to get fun results.

Now that you have a comprehensive idea of all the tips and tricks to garner more votes and come out as a champion in the online voting competition, are you ready to try them out yet?