Police arrested your friend or family? Here’s what you should do


Nothing prepares us for the ordeal that comes after an arrest. Whether you are facing arrest or your friend is, it is always an unnerving situation. When someone you care about is in the lockup, you need to overcome the confusion and fear and take the right steps. For that, you need to know what happens after the cops arrest someone.

Here’s what happens after an arrest:

Booking for a crime

Law enforcement officers cannot detain anyone without booking him or her for a crime. So they take the person in question to the jail. Booking involves taking mug shots, fingerprints, and questioning. It is an extensive process, and it can be unsettling for any arrested individual. Many find it difficult to gather their wits and call a bail bonds company afterward.

Thinking about bail: criminal or civil bail bonds

Once the person goes through the booking process, it is time to post bail. The judge will decide the bail amount for the accused. The bail typically depends on the nature of the crime and the state. In Ohio, it is almost impossible to receive bail for violent crimes.

Your friend or family member might have to wait up until a bail hearing to learn about his or her bail amount. For his or her release, you need to pay the bail amount. While you can pay using cash, it is impossible to pay cash amount when the bail is quite high.

Using a bail bond eliminates the risks of using a home or car as collateral. You should speak with a reliable bail bonds company in your area to find out the details of paying for a bond. The typical bail bond company requires the defendant to pay 10%. However, that amount is non-refundable.

Visit the Bail Bondsman Dayton Castle website to learn more about the charges and services. Bail bond companies pay for the surety bond that allows the accused to step out of jail during the pre-trial period.

Many people believe that bail bonds are only necessary for felony charges. However, that is untrue. Many civil cases also require bail bonds for the release of the suspect. Speak with your bail bondsman to know more about civil bail bond.

Talk to a lawyer

If you have a family lawyer, he or she should be able to recommend a reputable criminal lawyer for your friend. A criminal case in Ohio requires the defendant to have legal representation in court. Self-representation is never a good idea, and it seldom works in favor of the accused.

You can begin speaking with the lawyer as soon as you get in contact with your bail bonds agency. Speaking to a legal professional from the beginning of a case can improve your friend or family member’s chances of thwarting the charges, or reducing the sentence. Most criminal lawyers in Ohio offer free first consultations. Ask your bail bonds company for references, since they have to be in contact with legal professionals throughout their work.