Mabelle Prior – Award-winning Switzerland and Ghanaian Journalist

Mabelle Prior

Mabelle Prior – Award-winning Switzerland and Ghanaian Journalist

Mabelle Prior to the award-winning Switzerland and Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist, author of Beyond Race, and founder of Switzerland Most Beautiful and a great Mum says ‘This tough time for parents whose children have a long history of Asthma, whose children have special needs owing to all kinds of disabilities seen and unseen.

We often wonder what would happen to our children if we died young.

We worry that even if we died at ripe old ages our children would still be disadvantaged because lots of these disabilities make their lives harder as they grow older. So much more to think about with regards to their care and security. Social security, physical security.

We worry about our kids becoming statistics that measure unfortunate situations. Numbers on board, lines on a graph.

We worry about our kids becoming burdens to other people whereas to us they are simply children whom we love with every fiber of our existence and we would do absolutely anything for.

We wish we could be invincible. Not affected by the disease in any way. Always able to help our children and be their beacons of light.

When other parents say “my children will take care of me in old age” we know that even in our old age we may need to continue taking care of our children depending on the nature of their disabilities, looking out for them and supervising the care that other more physically able people will give them.

Our hearts can hardly ever rest from thinking about the future of our children.

Our hearts can hardly ever rest from wondering how we would physically escape disaster with our children if there was a need to run for dear life right now.

It is hectic.

We cannot give up though. We cannot roll over and die. We will protect our children by protecting ourselves. Specific to this Coronavirus pandemic, we will protect ourselves by making sure the people around us are also protecting themselves.

If we bug you about social distancing we are not just thinking about ourselves. We are thinking about our children.

Please help us.

If you know families where there are children who have Asthma, who have special needs, please take extra care when you see them, when you are around them. There is so much at stake right now. So much more than you can sometimes immediately see.

Stay well, people. Let us keep fighting.
Aluta continua…’


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