Why Flexible Packaging is Making Waves in 2019

Why Flexible Packaging is Making Waves in 2019

The future of packaging is flexible. Whether you’ve been keeping up with the latest trends or just looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition, the next promising trend in packaging is flexible packaging printing. As companies race to utilize this cost-effective, sustainable and customizable packaging alternative, find out why you should take part in the latest trend in 2019.

The Latest Technology

The HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press was first introduced in 2014. More recently, this dynamic press has been used to create compelling packaging solutions for a variety of needs. Not only does this innovative press remove the need for plate fees, but it also allows the entire package manufacturing process to be digital.

Vibrant, photo-quality colours can achieve 100% colour consistency and 97% Pantone gamut thanks to this high-tech press. A generous 30-inch web allows a range of flexible packaging to be created. Through the use of digital printing, flexible packaging can be used to create:

  • Resealable lay-flat pouches
  • Child-resistant packaging
  • Stand-up pouches
  • Laminated roll stock for a variety of applications

Perhaps the most significant advantage of this technology is its versatility. If these options aren’t suitable for your particular product, ask a flexible packaging provider for customized solutions for your needs.

Sustainable Future

Flexible packaging technology goes hand-in-hand with digital printing. This innovative packaging process allows reduced waste in the printing process. Less material waste results in direct savings and improved sustainability.

Even after production, you can still enjoy improved sustainability. Because flat pouches and other flexible packaging designs are far more compact than other containers when shipped empty, you’ll enjoy reduced shipping costs as well.

Just In Time Shipping

The real game-changing feature of digital printing and flexible packaging is the scalability of the process. Small businesses and mid-sized manufacturers no longer have to order bulk shipments for their packaging. Bulk orders tie up working capital and are a higher risk due to the chance of obsolescence.

Instead, you only need to order the exact amount of packaging you need. Whether you’re starting a product on a small scale to test the market or striving to balance your cash flow through just in time shipping, you’ll have greater control of your packaging costs and inventory with digital printing.

Personalized Marketing Strategies

2019 marketing means laser-focused personalization. Design your packaging to mirror your digital marketing campaign to encourage brand recognition and loyalty. Customers are increasingly looking for brands they can relate to personally and customize easily to develop their own sense of identity.

Create a whole range of packaging designs to advertise your packaging to your target audience. From digital printed stand up pouches to child-proof flexible supplement packaging, design a flexible solution that works for your product and your consumer.

Discover More Today

Digital printing is just the beginning of 2019 packaging trends. Learn how ePac is using intuitive web design to create a convenient way to order flexible pouches and organic product packaging. Contact ePac today to join the digital printing trend and stay ahead of the competition as you aim to provide sustainable, convenient and affordable packaging and quality products to your customers.

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