Best Beach Towns for Bike Riding

Best Beach Towns for Bike Riding

California is home to gorgeous beach towns anyone would love to call home. As you walk around, you will see famous restaurants, people having fun and some of the best beach bikes you have ever seen. California is a friendly state for bicyclists, and some beach towns are more than happy to have cyclists cruise through. Anyone who wants to take their bike on some incredible adventures should check out the following beach towns.


Venice is quite a sight to behold. You can cruise around the Venice Beach Boardwalk and see all kinds of cool shops and interesting characters. If you are interested in seeing a good deal of the Los Angeles coast, then you can start your journey at Will Rogers Park up by Pacific Palisades. You can take the trail through Santa Monica until you reach Venice. It is only six miles, but you want to go slow and take your time enjoying the sights. You may even ride past some shops and restaurants you want to check out.

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a bit more easygoing than the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, but it still has all the gorgeous sights you expect out of California. You can go on the Santa Barbara Beach Trail, which spans about 4.5 miles. The trail consists of mostly concrete and asphalt, so it is an easy jaunt for beginner bike riders. You also see experienced riders on the best city cruiser bikes available.

Catalina Island

You need first to take a boat to reach Catalina Island. Bring your bike onto the boat that charters people to the island. You can also rent a bike on the island and see everything this gorgeous place has to offer. While most tourists stick to one part of the island, you can see it all by taking the bike trails all across it. Before heading out, make sure you familiarize yourself with the bike trails so that you do not accidentally end up somewhere you should not be.

Long Beach

In the event you want to stay on the mainland, then you can stick around Long Beach for some excellent trails. There are plenty of trails around Long Beach that keep you close to the ocean, such as the Shoreline Pedestrian Bike Path or the San Gabriel River Bike Trail. To test your endurance, you should consider going along the Los Angeles River Bikeway. It spans over 29 miles. It starts in Long Beach and takes you throughout Los Angeles to see everything that makes this city special.

Whether you live in any of these beach towns or not, you can still enjoy the majestic scenery from time to time. It is a great way to get some exercise, and you can enjoy a cool ocean breeze at the same time. You can go solo or bring a group of friends to go out and eat after you get some exercise in. You need to make sure you have the right bike for the job, so buy a high-quality bike you will love for years.

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