Top 3 Types of Flower Bouquets That You Can Select for Mother’s Day

Top 3 Types of Flower Bouquets That You Can Select for Mother’s Day

How many times have you pondered on the term “unconditional love,” and your mother’s smile was the only image that flashed before your eyes? Perhaps uncountable times! Let us assure that you are not the only one here. The occasion of Mother’s Day is indeed a special one. How about gifting your mother one of these flower bouquets to express your love.

Mothers’ day is celebrated throughout the world and holds special importance for many people. It is a significant day when people dedicate to their mothers to show how much they appreciate their mothers for all the sacrifices that they make for their children.

Mothers embody unconditional love, warmth, happiness and eternal care. There is a famous saying – God could not be present everywhere, that is why we have our mother’s! Mother’s day is just around the corner with 13th May approaching fast. Want to shower all the love you have for your darling mom this Mother’s Day? If yes, go ahead and say it with flower bouquets of your choice.

Flower Bouquets and Mothers Day

For many, flowers or flower bouquets is merely an add-on to some grand gift. You may have a beautifully crafted bouquet that is customized to your choice and suggestion with orchids, lilies, and roses or any other combination.

As you gift it to your mother, you will instantly see the joy and happiness reflected in her eyes.In the recent times, several eminent flower bouquets service providers have come up with exciting bouquet choices to help you send flowers to loved ones, and of course, have it customized for Mothers Day. Here are three best options:

The Classic Nosegay

One of the most popular and ethnic bouquet patterns isnosegay. It is mostly round in shape and comprises of flowers that are tightly bunched together. There is uniformity in the flower style and length.

Usually, roses of different colors are well-suited for this kind of bouquet. So go ahead and make a combination of red, pink, yellow and white roses which will be wrapped with a wire or a fabric wrap.

The traditional nosegay usually has one focal flower that is slightly bigger that defines the entire flower set. If you have arranged for a small indoor celebration on Mother’s Day, this bouquet will complement the ambiance as well.

The New Age Composite Style

If you and your mother love to take a break from all that is conventional, then this bouquet is the best choice you have! As the name suggests, this bouquet is all about innovation and revolutionary thinking.

Here, consecutive layers of petals, blooms, and buds are used, and they are wired in one pattern that appears to be one huge flower. The look is elaborate, extravagant and appealing.  Flowers petals of a softer hue are chosen for this. To add to the bouquet and the wish, attach a personal note.

The Creative Biedermeier Bouquets

The popular Biedermeier bouquets come in a round shape. The flowers here are uniformly cut and then wrapped using fabric. The look of the flowers is of concentric circles, which creates a unique spiraling impact on the entire flower set. If you are creative and have been planning something artsy for your mother this 13th May, these flower bouquets are going to be an excellent choice.

Florists can create the tight circles characteristic of the Biedermeier style from the center outward, placing the flowers in a bouquet holder with a foam cage for structure. Your florist may disguise the plastic handle of the bouquet holder using ribbon streamers.

When it comes to Mother’s Day, you sure do want something elaborate and exceptional to serenade this day. Pour in all the praise and adoration you have for your mother. Select from any of these three choices with a flower combination you like. You will surely see the spark of glee in your mother’s face as she receives it.


Remember that it does not really matter whether your mom seems to be modern, conventional, or a mix of both because identifying the perfect flower for your mom on her special day is not difficult at all. That is because you know that irrespective of what you gift her, the only reason she would feel happy and proud, is the fact that the lovely bouquet came from you, her precious darling.

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