How A Busy Mom Makeup in 5 Minutes?

How A Busy Mom Makeup in 5 Minutes?

Being a mom is an incredible bliss and bountiful blessing. However, once your kid starts growing up, they become more demanding. They start asking for more attention, which could keep a mother from indulging in the maintenance of their appearance. You might have liked taking time to do your makeup and hair before the never-ending phase of motherhood took over. The time is reduced merely to few minutes for busy mom makeup, which requires you to do your makeup and hair within a limited time capacity.

Once you become a mother, it’s your time to jump on the bandwagon of “quick and easy makeup”, and be creative with less makeup to make yourself look together. Tinted moisturiser replaces your foundation routine, and false eyelashes are substituted by mascara. Use a little dab of concealer on your under eyes to look fresh and awake. Putting on a generous amount of makeup can make you confident and prepared for the day.

Busy Mom Makeup

You only have to follow steps, and then, you are good to go. A 5-minute, quick and easy makeup routine for busy mom makeup includes the following simple steps:

Use a Tinted Moisturizer

If you were a makeup enthusiast or makeup connoisseur before you became a mother, you used a primer to prep your skin for foundation and took time to blend the foundation into your skin to make your skin smooth and poreless. However, once you become a mother, following your foundation routine begins to seem like a thing of the past that you can only bring back on date nights or special occasions.

If you cannot follow your foundation routine, you can invest in a tinted moisturiser by NARS, IT Cosmetics, Bobby Brown, or any brand of your preference, and use your fingers or a good foundation makeup brush to blend the moisture into your skin. It will hide the unevenness of your skin, and it will make your skin fresh and rejuvenated. If your skin is oily, you can dust on your favourite mattifying powder to make your skin look fresh.

Add Color to Your Cheek

When you are a mom, you are often lacking sleep which can make your skin look dull. It can be revived by using blush and bronzer of your preference on your cheeks, and it adds an instant freshness and glow to your face.

Use Mascara

If you are a mom and you are getting ready to go out to run errands, you can simply put on some tinted moisturiser to your skin and use mascara to look together. All of you need to put mascara on your eyelashes evenly, and you are good to go for the day.

Use a Bold Color Lipstick

Being a mom requires you to pay complete attention to your child. It keeps you away from indulging in a full-face makeup routine. If you are not able to do a full-face makeup, you can simply put on a bold colour lipstick on your buds. You may also use a soft blush in conjunction with it, and it will make you look amazing. The routine should not take more than 5 minutes. You also use few coats of mascara to add completeness to your makeup look.

Conceal your Under-Eyes

If you are a mom, you are more likely to experience sleepless nights. It could support the appearance of dark circles under your eyes, and it should be concealed accordingly. If you are running late for errands or for taking your child to a theme park, you can merely put concealer under your eyes, and put on mascara, blush, and lipstick to look ready and prepared for the day.

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