Step By Step Guide To Apply Eye Liner and Kajal


Many of you would have tried to create perfectly lined eyes but ended up looking awful. Don’t misunderstand me, but I would certainly want to look my best to attend a wedding or some other function. Knowing how to apply the eye liner is one of the keys to eye makeup, every girl should be perfect in it. I am no particular case! My go to be the winged eye liner. I usually like going out on my eye liner.

How to Apply Eye Liner?

Here, I will explain the simple step by step guide to applying eye liner.

1. Prepare your Eye

It is essential to prepare your eye before applying eye liner. Apply a moisturizer on face and eye cream around the eyes. The primary function of cream is to even out any redness near the eye.

2. Start with Smooth Base

To accomplish an even and smooth base, apply eye primer on the eyelid and around the eye where eye makeup would go. The primer makes the skin soft to apply makeup. It will give you a beautiful look for a more extended period.

3. Line Away

Here comes the central part – the eye liner. It comes with a brush you can either use it or buy a different one. Begin with a line over your eyelashes. Ensure to apply small lines and strokes, and then build on it. If you use it too thick, you may make it inappropriate, so keep the strokes small. When you are happy with one eye, start applying it on the other. Make efforts to keep it as much symmetrical as possible.

Well, the basic eye liner is done.

How to Apply Kajal?

There are thousands of ways to beautify your eye; every girl has her style of doing the eye makeup. Kajal is essential for some girls as it completes their regular eye makeup look.

Since it’s a quintessential makeup accessory that all girls require, it’s essential to pick the correct for you. There are various products like smudge-proof, waterproof available in the market. However, how you apply the best Kajal for eyes makes a difference.

1. Glide That Kajal On

Firstly, make look prominent by applying Kajal on your lower waterline. Begin at the external corners to give darker shading. Do not apply Kajal on inner corners, if your eyes are smaller to avoid making them even smaller.

2. Layer It Up

Layering is a key to long-lasting eye makeup. Sharpen your Kajal pencil; start applying it to your eyes from outer corner towards the inner edge. It will help to avoid excess Kajal in the inner corners. Apply the coating according to your liking. If your eyes are smaller, make outer lining thick to open up your eyes and make them bigger.

3. Smudge Away

In case you’re looking for a smokey-eye for a party look, smoke the Kajal out gently with a smudging brush. Be careful, not to overdo it. Layer, however, you see fit, delicately smudge away each layer. According to the occasion, you can either make elegant look or something you can find appropriate on the general!

4. Tightline The Upper Waterline

To emphasize your eyes further, line the upper waterline with the Kajal up to the roots of eyelashes. It will give a nice look to your eyelashes and will make your eyes pop.

5. Intensify That Upper Eyelid

Work on your upper eyelid by characterizing it with your best Kajal for eyes. Draw a line from outer corner to the inner edge with your eyes closed. It will give you a bold look. You can utilize an eyeshadow to up your game. Makeup without mascara, you must be joking. Apply a coat of waterproof mascara to brighten up your eye. Use an eyelash curler to give a beautiful look to your eye.