How To Get The Perfect Eyebrows?

Who doesn’t want a strong-brow game like Cara Delevingne’s? Oh, do we not love the thick-filled eyebrows that are trending these days? Luckily, I am one of those who doesn’t need to do the eyebrow makeup to get the perfect eyebrows but that doesn’t mean that everyone out there has naturally perfect eyebrows. This is why we will give you some eyebrow tips to make them look perfect.

Big, full brows!

You just need the eyebrow palette to fill your brows if you think that they are not very dense. The best colour to fill them with is the colour that is slightly lighter than your real eyebrows colour. To get a more natural look, apply brow gel at the end of filling, on your eyebrows very slightly to get the natural look. You can use a pencil instead of eyebrow shades. The pencil must have a fine tip to create appropriate strokes. You can also use eyebrow markers and reconstruct your eyebrows the way you like.

Which shape?

Never go for the shape that another person has. Always go for the shape that suits your face best. Let your eyebrows grow for six to eight weeks, then visit a professional salon to get your eyebrows done according to your face shape.

Plucking, weaving and trimming!

It’s important that when you are plucking at home, you do not remove much hair from your eyebrows because the trend is all about the number of hair you leave then you pluck. When trimming, you will need a scissor and a small comb. Do not trim at the tail end but you can trim the head of the eyebrow slightly to get a tuft just like Olivia Culpo has.