Five Viral Bizarre Makeup Trends

Recently we have stumbled on some makeup trends on Instagram and Facebook that are utterly bizarre yet fascinating. Five of the viral beauty trends inspiring creativity given below we saw on social media networks.

Face sparkling with highlighter

To sparkle like a diamond, stroking a highlighter on your cheekbones and tip of the nose is not enough. Highlighting your face, eyes, brows, and lips gives you a metallic alien look. This was introduced by the beauty blogger Mariya Lyubasheyskaya and followed by Nikkie Tutorials.

Extreme contouring

Contouring is no more limited to the face and neck. It has spread to all parts of the body. It has migrated to the clavicle, cleavage, abs, and the rest. It’s a bit impossible trend to follow, but we are totally mesmerized by it. Surprised3. ?

Hundreds of nail-polish layers

When you apply layer after layer of nail polish, you form a mountain on the top of your nail. This trend began on Instagram, stating, ‘Paint your nails, let them dry, paint them again, and so on’ until you succeed in getting that little mountain. It’s time-consuming, aarrghh!

Using inanimate objects to contour

Beauty bloggers are obsessed with getting ultra-clean lines of contour and winged liner. Previously they used spoons, scissors, and geometry rulers, but now Barbie Gutz has crossed the line by using a knife. Shocked? Yes, he later clarified, ‘I was not harmed during the making of this video.

Lip art

After nail art, we now have lip art. Makeup artists use ombre techniques on lips and add texture by using glitter and sequins. Some beauty bloggers have also started using gold stars and pink hearts. They apply them on their lips and look fabulous. Well, at least this won’t cause any potential injury and is worth trying.

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