Creative Makeup Tips and Tricks


We’ve all heard the same old makeup tips and tricks over and over again; it feels like our mum has been giving us the same advice for forever and a day, let alone the rest of the internet!

Well, mainstream beauty has started to go through a little bit of a renaissance at the moment – we’re finally moving away from the hyper made-up Insta-makeup that’s had us in its hold for so many years! Yay! Now we’re starting to see more movement towards creative, fun makeup looks that are somehow awesomely artistic and natural at the same time. Here’s a couple of tricks to get you all made-up in the most on-trend, fuss-free way possible…

Keep it fresh

As mentioned above, makeup at the moment should always be trying to keep it fresh. Instead of running out and buying a new foundation at the drop of an online article, why not try going for some natural remedies? Mix a dot of aloe Vera into your foundation or layer a few drops of rosehip oil after you’ve done your powdering. These are natural products, and they’ll add such a gorgeous, fresh sheen to your face without making you look oily.

Colourful Graphics

Colourful and creative graphic liner is back in a big way! Create interesting and artistic shapes around your eyes if you love to rock a bold, on-trend look on the regular. A soft pastel, silver, glitter liner or green will work absolutely beautifully. This look pairs perfectly with fresh, dewy skin, eyebrow gel and nothing else!

Embellishments are In

Hello, 2000s style! Remember wearing stick-on rhinestones in the corner of your eyes at your primary school disco? Well, this is that trend’s cooler, edgier, grown-up sister! Embellishments such as small gemstones, pearls, stars, glitter and any other lightweight little shapes are all the rage right now. Dust a glitter shadow across your eyes, and carefully glue on your chosen adornments. Rock this bold eye look with naturally wavy hair and a neutral, minimalist style outfit.

Fluff your Brows

Bye, bye drawn on browns! Right now, the fluffed up natural brow is the king of the beauty world. Brow gel is your best friend here, especially if you want to add a natural tint to your arches. If you plan on using clear gel, but you feel like you need more hold, you can always spray a little natural hairspray onto a spoolie and brush your brows into place – they won’t move all day long!

Veer Towards Clear

Clear is coming back! It means going for gloss, with little to no pigment in it at all. Slick multipurpose gloss onto your eyelids as a shadow, lips as lipstick and onto your cheekbones in place of highlighter. It is probably best left to winter months unless you have particularly dry skin. You can always mix in some colour with a tiny bit of lipstick if you want a rosy or purple hue to your gloss.

Pick a Feature to Play Up

In the spirit of keeping things minimal, always keep in mind that when you’re trying out a statement lip or eye, this should be the whole focus of the makeup look. A dark look is even chicer when worn with a bare of incredibly natural face, so less is more for 2020!

Makeup is lighter, brighter and more playful right now, and by following these tips, you’ll be totally on-trend the next time you serve up a killer look!