Top 10 Small Hotels will leave you Spellbound.

It is often stated ‘the more, the merrier’, but is it the same case with hotels? While big lavish hotels can offer a broad range of services such as sporting clubs, spas, restaurants, etc., the smaller ones are always cozier homes away from home! Since there are more than 500 amazingly lavish hotels around the globe, here are the list of best ten amongst them. Get your passports ready and fly away to the resort that leaves you mesmerized.

1. Finca Rosa Blanca Resort – Costa Rica (Central America)

The beautiful luxury hotel has a stellar 4.5 rating and fantastic customer reviews. The hotel offers a luxurious room, a big pool for swimming, free car parking, free wifi access as well as a bar. The El Tigre Vestido can be dined in with an outstanding range of menus and surprisingly, fresh veggies and fruits from the gardens outside! If you haven’t been there yet, jot it down on your wish list.

2. Nayara Springs (Costa Rica)

The beautiful hotel is luxurious, has a great view and offers a vast range of services. The hotel is mainly for couples on honeymoon or for real time offs. You and your loved one can enjoy at the plunge pool, wine pairing dinner, bar, or book a classy candlelight dinner for two at amazing spots. If your wedding is around the corner, book your honeymoon at Nayara Springs.

3. Las Casitas del Colca (Peru)

This beautiful location takes you back to the past. Twenty individual chalets are located near the Grand Canyon. If you want a perfect getaway to relax and breathe fresh air, this is your destination. The nights can be cold, so you can build a bonfire and cuddle up with your significant other and have romantic chats!

4. Perivolas, Santorini (Greece)

If tranquility is your goal, this resort is your adobe. This unique resort is built on a cliff with rooms sculpted inside 300-year-old caves! Impressive right? Although there are no TV’s and Wi-Fi, the resort offers Greek wine, Mediterranean fish, and other delicious food items. You can swim as much as you desire in the undefined pool! Watch out for sharks!

5. Jade Mountain St. Lucia

With breathtaking views of the Twin Mountains of St Lucia, this boutique resort has outstanding services in store for you. With famous ‘Infinite Pool Sanctuaries’ this resort steps away from the norm by offering these instead of suites or regular rooms. With added features of delicious menus and activities, this should be your next stop.

6. Royal Isabela Puerto Rica

This gorgeous get away is unlike all others. With only 20 rooms available on 2000 acres of land, imagine the fun-filled possibilities. With an inland river valley to view, gorgeous coastal cliffs, a beach nearby and enchanted forests, who cannot have the time of their lives here.

7. Cocoa Island (COMO Maldives)

Check it out! The paradisiacal adobe offers much more than just the beautiful view. From personal sun decks to dhoni loft suites, from mezzanine bedrooms to traditional boat rooms, snorkeling, and other water sports, what more can you desire? Tranquility at its peak, this place is heaven on earth.

8. Edgar House (United Kingdom)

The hotel being one of the top small luxury hotels, in my perception, it is a must visit place. From a warm welcome, lovely stay to a ravishing menu, the customers have quoted generous comments for hotel and its services.

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