6 Best Coffee Table Ideas for Your Living Room

Coffee tables are objects of decoration as well as function in most living rooms. People make use of them according to their requirements and needs while they complement the layout of the living room appropriately at the same time. The design choices in recent decades have evolved a great deal, most of the design innovations are attributed to the ever-rising design requirements by people and the futuristic and innovative coffee table ideas by designers.

There are numerous options available to customers when looking to complement their living rooms with a coffee table. Glass coffee table ideas are preferred by many people yet there are others who prefer wooden coffee table ideas. People also decorate them by putting fancy items on top of them in order to make them look beautiful, unique in their own ways and attractive. Here are a few effective ways to make the coffee table look unique and complement the rest of the furniture and layout of the living room.

1: Charm it Up with Your Best Collection

Ask a great designer or interior expert, they will tell you an empty tables is like oblivion. No matter how good the table looks some people just don’t leave them empty. A good way to make them look useful and attractive at the same time is to put elegant, unique and maybe antique collectible items on them matching their color and design elements with the surroundings. The items may include some useable items like a tissue box, couple of books or an antique ash tray. All these will provide functionality and look attractive, elegant and unique in the most effective way possible. Get a hold of the best looking compact and useable items in the house and put them on the coffee table.

2: Put a Matching Throw on it

The whole purpose of the coffee tables is to complement the furniture efficiently and provide functionality as well. One very basic and easy way of matching them with the sofas in the living room is to cover them up with a matching throw. All that needs to be done is get a matching throw from the sofa seller or just buy one from the market and put it on top of the coffee table. This is an even better idea if your coffee table is slightly damaged or worn off with use. The throw will cover all minor flaws and match with sofas or surroundings effectively. Just make sure to cover all sides of it down to the flooring for a better-polished look.

3: Light a Lantern on it

When looking to decorate the living room, lanterns in dim light situations provide a unique and beautiful idea. There are electric lanterns available in the market. Most of all are Rechargeable that doesn’t even have the hassle of a wire. Imagine a low lit living room in the evening and the coffee table right in the corner with an elegant looking lantern on top of it. It will look exquisite and astonishing to the viewer. Just make sure to select the lantern with a solid heat-proof base as it can damage the glass coffee table. And the sheet you might’ve put on top of it. Pro tip is that buy a rechargeable one, it looks elegant and there is no wire with it to hide or put away.

4: Glass Coffee Table Ideas

These are probably the most elegant looking ones available in the market. The sharp edges and various shapes they come in make them look outstanding and complement the furniture of the living room regardless of what design or color theme that might have been selected. Best glass coffee table ideas include many design shapes and colors, they offer great strength because of the rigid and sturdy stand used and the strengthened glass table top that rests firmly on those stands. The glass these days comes in high durability levels and hence are in use as regular coffee tables. As a result, enabling some middle heavy things to be stored on them as well. Just make sure to match the color of stand or going for colored glass tops may suit your preferences.

5: Add Popping Color

Another way you can utilize coffee tables effectively is to put catchy color items on them. In case there is bright red or blue sofa in the living room, consider getting a plain white coffee table. A bright red or blue flower vase can be put on top of it to provide a shiny elegant look. The flower vase or other items on top can easily be removed when the table is required for use. Imagine a bright blue sofa with a yellow pillow cushion on it. The vase on the coffee table also in bright yellow color. It will provide a great fast popping color look to the viewer and enhance the look of your living room.

6: More Modern Ready-Made Options

With innovations in technology and the ways of manufacturing, there have been countless new design themes in everything. It is not unusual to see mermaid glass top coffee tables that mimic the mermaid shape in their stands or even the X shaped stands coffee tables. These designs all look futuristic and modern in the most elegant way, yet provide adequate levels of functionality. Just make sure to chose carefully either matching or contrasting the design theme of your living room. They are also easy to mess up in terms of their design and color themes.

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