Embroidered Headwear to Define Your Style Statement


A hat or a cap is often an essential accessory for headgear lovers. For some, they can feel naked without a cap, for some others, headgear collection is a hobby, some wear it as a style statement while others flaunt it to complement their overall looks. A crisp and straightforward embroidered message on the front, back or sides of headgear can be one of the best ways of decorating it.

For companies, a strong and bold embroidered message can serve as a promotional technique while individuals can get customized embroidery done to make it look more appealing and exciting. Some companies can get your embroidery headwear as per your choice of design, embroidery style, thread colors, and pattern.

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Best Practises

Let’s have a look at some of the best practices to follow for some great embroidery on headwear.

Fabric Thickness

The first thing to know is the thickness of the fabric and the seam line of the headwear. It helps in choosing the kind of needle, the possible designs and embroidery style. Thicker seams and fabrics don’t allow much of detailing or extra small font size, as the chances of skipped stitches and needle breaks are very high, especially when one has to stitch right over the seams. It is advisable to use dry silicone spray to lubricate the inside and backing of the cap. This reduces breakage of needles and threads.

Flat Embroidery

The most popular and cost-effective style is flat embroidery. It is a prevalent style and heavily used when longer words and more intricate logos and messages need to be embroidered, as it is simpler and requires lesser space.

Such embroidery can be done via computer-controlled systems that produce accurate designs as per your requirements. On the other hand, three-dimensional embroidery can give a fascinating and dramatic look to the headwear.

Although pretty expensive and complicated, such embroidery can be felt and it encourages the logo or messages. This embroidery type takes up a lot of space and is therefore suitable for shorter messages or logos. Another standard method is the usage of embroidered badges. Get your designs embroidered on a separate patch of cloth and get it glued on your headwear with adhesives.

Machine Maintenance

Embroidery machines and equipment need regular check-up and maintenance. Keep a constant check on the bobbin case. Make sure the screws are all tightened up. Keep the cap frames in check to prevent registration loss. While stitching, it is advisable to use raised needle plates.


Make sure the headwear you embroider fits right in your embroidery machine. Heat pressed caps or hats can be embroidered conveniently as it flattens the seams and smoothens the surface. Choose the right needle size and threads according to the designs.

Minimalistic Designs

Also, know that minimalistic designs and limited colors can make all the impact. Do not congest your headwear with complicated designs or too many colors. It is convenient for the production team, and it produces the designs just the way you want them.

Keep these points in mind for an appealing headgear that reflects your style.