Wood Art Using Second Hand Pallets


Wooden Pallets are a transportation item which makes the handling and transportation of goods easy and comfortable. But as these products are made from wood, and are used for transportation of heavy objects, they tend to lose their rigidity and become unsuitable for industrial use after a time. So eventually they become a waste. But as the old saying goes, one’s waste is another’s treasure. Second hand pallets are being increasingly used in innovative ways for various purposes. Products that are recycled out of wood pallets are likely to be durable.

Few Innovative Uses of Second Hand Pallets

Sporting Structures

Second hand pallets are actively used for creating structures for various sports, for instance, they are used for creating obstacles for skateboarding. They are also used for preparing barricades for paintball arcades as well as courses for Parkour.

Animal Cages

Wooden pallets are also being used for creating cages and barricades for small animals such as for dogs and other pets. They can be used as fences to keep off animals on farms as well.

Concept Housing

There have been a few instances of wooden pallets being used for preparing concept houses to showcase affordable housing schemes, which are also energy efficient.

Second Hand Pallet Paths

Pallets can be used for creating beautiful paths in your garden connecting one part of the garden from the other. For this purpose, pallets need to be taken apart and then individual pieces of wood from the pallet can be used for preparing the path.

Art Pieces

Pallets can be used to let loose your artistic nature and come up with beautiful pieces of art to decorate your walls. You can use colors to paint the pallet. You may use carving techniques to shape your pallet to give a rustic look to your home.

Foot Stools

Because pallets are so low, by adding a little cushion and a little fabric, they can be easily transformed into a footstool, more commonly known as an ottoman.


You could put in a little effort and try to combine a couple of wooden pallets in order to shape it into a little more complex. The outcomes may pleasantly surprise you as you would be able to create beautiful and eco-friendly furniture such as beautiful beds, sofa sets, swings or bookshelves. You can also use them to create shoe racks or toy bins. All in all, a great touch to your home.

Patio Floor

You can always use second hand pallets for exactly what they are intended for, that is bear weight. But what would be different is that you would be using them as the floor of your patio. Join a couple of Pallets together paint them to whichever color you like, and you got yourself a beautiful patio.

Other Creative Uses

You can use second hand pallets for various other purposes such as constructing pallet lights by dismantling a pallet and then joining pieces of the pallet together to shape a structure for a small light bulb to be fit into it, or you could use it to prepare a vertical garden and flower boxes.  Every innovative use of wooden pallets would be to use them as dish racks for holding Pots, Pans, Mugs, etc.

These are only a few of the creative uses of wooden pallets you can do much more with them.  What would be better than being able to revamp your house with new furniture by not having to spend even a fraction of the money you would need otherwise by using wooden pallets.