7 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Feel More Luxurious

7 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Feel More Luxurious

The bathroom is a well-used room in the house that needs to have a relaxing atmosphere but be practical too. You should also invest in a bathroom because you will be using it every day and if you decided to sell your house, then a great bathroom may get you the sale.

When choosing decor and bath ware for your bathroom, it is a good idea to use pieces and colors that give the room a luxurious look. It will provide you with a spa-like bathroom in your home, and you can enjoy relaxing in there. Potential sellers will love a luxury bathroom too. If you need some inspiration to get started, here are seven ways you can add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.


Mirrors are an easy way to add luxury to your room. They reflect light and depending on what shape and frame you choose it will add style and glamour too. Go for metallic frames to add luxurious glitz or a large mirror for a trendy vibe.

Dark Furniture

Generally, in bathrooms, people choose light colors. However, you can add darker tones. Try adding darker accents like mirrors with dark frames or dark window frames. These will be a contrast against bright walls which will create a trendy statement.


Re-tiling the bathroom will give the room a makeover and a luxury look. Choose darker tiles to provide the room with a stylish spa vibe or choose light tiles to keep it bright and trendy. You can re-tile yourself, but it is a good idea to get professional help to give the bathroom a sleek and neat look.


Give your bathroom an instant look of luxury by adding towels. Choose fluffy towels and try to choose a color that you like in the room. Maybe a cream shade or contrast with a dark shade like navy. Stack them nicely or put them onto a towel rack. If you don’t want to use your luxurious towels all the time, then keep them as decoration or for guests.

Stylish Bathtub

A bathtub will add luxury to your bathroom. Bathtubs are practical and will allow you to relax at home. With that said the bathtub design you choose is important. You can create a stylish statement with a bath that has a sculptured design or with a glam-free standing bath. If you have one of the old baths against the wall, it will be a good idea to update it or if you don’t have a bath then add one.


When choosing your bathroom surfaces it is a good idea to choose a natural stone. Natural light stone will instantly give the room a luxurious look. Stone also looks beautiful with gold so you can add gold accessories for a hotel spa look.


Lights can transform the room, but it is important to get them right. After all, you don’t want a light that is too bright so it is not relaxing or a dark bathroom where you can’t see properly. The key is the balance, and you can get that with a dimmer switch. With lights that can be dimmed, you can choose the right light for you and create a luxury spa experience.

How Can a Bathroom Renovation Specialist Help?

Bathroom renovation specialists are best to be called in when larger jobs need to be done like changing the bath or adding in a shower. An expert team can advise you on what shape and styles to use and will get the job done to a very high standard.

Contact your local bathroom renovation specialist today to see how they can help add luxury to your bathroom.

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