Transform Your Lounge with a Home Video Wall


If you are yet to decide what you want to do with your lounge, take your time to consider building a home video wall. A home video wall serves as an excellent idea to improve your lounge. The home video walls hit two birds with one stone. It’s because they serve both for functional and design spaces in any home space as well as a communication device in a home office.

For design purposes, it can be used as a platform for displaying beautiful art from photography to digitized art and drawings. For functional purposes, it’s used for watching a movie or music videos. Due to these functions, home video walls have caught on from family areas living in the suburbs to home city lounges.

Why install a home video wall in your lounge? Is a home video wall worth installing in your lounge? Yes, it is. The following reasons will tell you the benefits of a home video wall in your lounge.

An excellent centerpiece for any gathering The home video walls are a perfect match for different occasions. First, it’s very flexible, and secondly, it requires low maintenance that you cannot compare to the usual event or party styling requirements. What you need to do, is to upload your audio-visual presentation, be it a music video or a movie, and there you have an excellent event centerpiece.

  • A Worthy Investment

These devices come at different price tags. The price is based on the purpose it should serve as well as its size. The price might look hefty at first; but, they are a long-term investment. For you to prove this, look at their demand right now and compare it to five years ago.

You’ll see that their demand keeps on increasing as time goes by. Remember to pick one that fits into your home to avoid costly adjustments.

  • Flexible Design Element

With home video walls, there is no need of redoing your entire home office or family area, so that everything would appear visually coherent. It’s because they are like chameleons that can adapt to almost all design aesthetic.

  • Unlimited Potential

The primary reason why there is a continuous demand for video walls is their unlimited potential. Today, you can use it as an event’s centerpiece and tomorrow use it as a virtual aquarium to entertain your guests or as a family’s home theatre.

  • Home Video Walls Features

These video walls are designed using advanced technology to give you excellent features that can transform your lounge. The features you get from these video walls include;

Continuous Operation: The video wall is designed in such a way they can dissipate and conduct heat; therefore, allowing them to remain in operation for a long time.

Quality imaging: The cutting-edge technology used to develop video walls gives them high pixel ratio which allows them to produce rich quality videos.

Easy maintenance and installation: You can quickly arrange the modules to your desired configuration as well as dismantle in minutes.

  • Types of Home Video Walls

They come in different sizes that can transform any lounge. The models include a curved screen, a flat panel HD and UHD, a multi-screen system, and a tiled screen system.