How Telescopic Sliding Gate Kit provides you Excellent Security?


A telescopic sliding gate kit is mainly used where a conventional sliding gate cannot be used.   It allows a sliding gate to occupy less space at the side of the opening. A telescopic sliding gate works in individual sections of a gate where single pieces are joined together. They overlap each other as soon as the gate opens. Through this way, they cover up a larger opening.

There are several benefits attached to a telescopic sliding gate kit. These gates are faster as well as, more comfortable to open and close. Also, they require very little space while being opened and they can accommodate openings that are up to 25 meters. Telescopic sliding gates are cost-effective in comparison to the cantilever gate, and they are easy to transport.

Points to Consider Regarding Telescopic Sliding Gate Kit

  • A telescopic sliding gate kit moves quickly and offers excellent security. It takes a considerable amount of effort to open them.
  • The telescopic sliding gate kit can be used where a traditional sliding gate is not suitable. Often traditional sliding gates occupy a huge amount of space in comparison to telescopic sliding gate kit. But telescopic sliding gates require minimal space to the side of the opening. In circumstances where traditional sliding gates cannot be used these gates are amid the best options.
  • The telescopic sliding gate kit comprises of standard armature kit and guide channels that are 1 meter in length. You should keep in mind that while using telescopic sliding gate kits photobeams are mandatory to be used.
  • It requires only one automatic operator to move the back gate. Front gate can be moved by the wire rope from the front gate.

Before installing the telescopic sliding gate kit, it is essential to know about a few things of the place where it will be installed and whether you require this.

Here is what you need to check for

To make sure if the telescopic sliding gate kit is perfect for your entrance you need to thorough checks on the ground level and determine how it is and how much can it be altered. Since this system makes use of a track, it is all the more necessary that the gate runs on the level ground.

Although they cost lesser than a cantilevered gate, there are a lot more challenges one has to face while getting them installed. This job cannot be performed by any average gate installer and requires the help of trained and skilled professionals.

A lot of time requires the designing process, and it takes twice a long time to install. The system will need an upgraded motor and has to be maintained very well. With the discovery of telescopic sliding gate kit, it has become a lot easier to incorporate safety measures in those spaces where a traditional sliding gate could not be installed.

They are a great invention and can be utilized well by those who want to ensure maximum safety and security in their spaces. But before installing a telescopic sliding gate ,you should keep in mind all the additional costs and procedures that are associated with it and the process that you have to go through. Before moving forward, it is better to analyze it well.