Suitable Shapes of Decorative Salt Lamp for Different Space Requirements


Salt lamp or as some know it to be called HPS which is short for Himalayan Pink Salt are massive pieces of authentic Himalayan Salt with a small bulb inside. The only place one can get pure Himalayan Salt is from the edge of the Himalayan Mountains, after this salt crystal is mine, they are cut out and fitted with a bulb that produces light and heat at the same time.

There are several reasons why people make use of salt lamps; they have a way of making an environment seem cool and quiet thus enhancing relaxation, they also create an appealing an organic feeling to the home when used for interior décor as well as assist you in creating a conscious space in your home.

Asides the beauty and comfort that the Himalayan salt provides, they are known to have a number of health benefits as well, like reducing asthma and symptoms of allergy.

Furthermore, salt generally absorbs moisture. In every home, water molecules float around its rooms as well as dust particles, and other substances, sometimes bacteria and viruses can cling onto these water molecule. What this Himalayan Salt does is attract the water molecules in your room and in so doing also pulls along with the molecules all the other pollutants that contaminate the air, thus helping to detoxify the room by trapping these particles, so they don’t float around the place causing air pollution.

Now, as soon as the bulb in the lamp heats up the water vapor is released back into the air while the Himalayan salt rock holds back the pollutants. Also, the pairing of household electronics with the salt lamp can help reduce the electromagnetic radiation that spreads through the home.

Another thing you should know is how to clean a salt lamp, and though it seems easy but there are procedures you need to follow; firstly you need to unplug the lamp and give the salt some time to cool off, next you use a clean and moist clothing or sponge to carefully clean off any accumulated pollutants or dust that may have stuck on its surface.

There are different types of Himalayan Salt, and they come in different shapes and sizes, now it is important to know the various types in existence, and this would better help in the selection of the size and shape that best suits your home interior décor needs.

Having a decorative salt lamp in our homes and even offices add a unique feel to a lot of places depending on where it is placed or space it occupies. Now in choosing and purchasing of a Himalayan salt lamp, there are four important factors that should be considered;


We all know the beautiful colors add to an environment, so choosing the right type of Himalayan salt color to math with your home’s interior décor will create that extra elegance. There are however four existing colors for the salt lamp which are; salt lamps which are very rare and is also a reason people prefer to go for this, the pink salt lamps are not so rare and some customers who are attracted to pink colors would prefer this one, orange salt lamp is unarguably the most preferred salt lamp by a lot of individuals and basically represent the perfect balance in lamp.


The size of the room is a determinant factor in choosing the size the salt lamp, this is simply to say that the bigger the room the bigger the salt lamp should be too, and one way to know how big a salt lamp is, is in its weight, that is the heavier the salt lamp the bigger it is.


Getting a quality salt lamp would have you experience the full capabilities and functionalities that it offers, giving your home and environment that cool and relaxed ambiance.


There are basically 2 types of shapes in which salt lamps come in; one is the natural shape which is the most popular type and are mostly preferred by individual because of how natural they look and in most cases assume the shape of the mountain in which they are gotten from and the second crafted shape, this is achieved by carving out these already mined salt lamps into shapes of our choice.

A lot of homeowners have specific places where they keep valuables or things they don’t easily want to be tampered with, a Himalayan salt lamp helps to create that mindful space in our homes and still adds beauty, comfort and that soothing ambiance.

There are various places in our homes in which the Himalayan salt lamp can be placed, like the living room, the bathrooms, kitchen, personal library, by the hallway, or even where there is a concentrated use of electronic devices. The Himalayan Salt lamps that are carved out into different shapes can take various space requirements depending on the choice of the individual, below are some suitable shapes of a decorative salt lamp and the different applications for them;

  1. Carved out Himalayan salt into a shot glass that can be used for alcoholic purposes, especially in adding that distinct flavor in alcoholic beverages like tequila.
  2. As Himalayan glow salt lamp; this is one very popular use for the salt, and it can be placed on the kitchen counter, hung across the hallway and even put in our rooms, giving the home that crystal natural beauty.
  3. The pyramid-shaped Himalayan salt lamp brings to your home that classic and stylish elegance and is easily adjustable and better placed on solid floors and can serve as an ideal stone fireplace lamp.
  4. The Cylinder shaped Himalayan salt lamp is another crafted out shape that when placed atop a wooden surface emit a radiant glow all over the area, creating both style and contrast in home interior.

In all to achieve maximum functionality of the Himalayan salt lamp, irrespective of the size, shape or color, the best place to keep these lamps are quite close to where individual spend a lot of time and also where there is a concentrated use of electronics like TV, Laptops, Phones, etc.