Seven Signs that Your Air Conditioner Needs Replacement

Seven Signs that Your Air Conditioner Needs Replacement

A well-functioning air conditioning system is a very important part of home maintenance in Pakistan. Air conditioning systems are expensive and you cannot replace every other day.

Yet you cannot type ‘home repair services near me’ on Google every other day. It is paramount to know when any appliance needs repair and when a replacement.

Here are the 7 signs that show the Air Conditioner is going old. If you experience any of them, you must replace your old air conditioner with a new one for good.

Frequent Repairs

Is ‘Home Repair services near me’ your top search query on Google? Are you calling technicians too often? 

Yes, all major home investments need regular keep up. Air Conditioners also need constant service.

Yet there comes a point when investing in a new air conditioner is better. When services cost half the price of buying a new air conditioner, go for replacement.

More than a Decade-Old System

Air Conditioning system can last for two decades, but only through proper maintenance. In most cases, it does not happen.

Typically, the system shows signals of wear and tear after around 10 years. It is time to upgrade if it has hit a decade old status and constantly needs service.

Uneven Cooling

Does one room always feel warmer than the other does? If yes, your air conditioner has reached the level when repairs cannot help.

If the relatively new system is having this problem, then you have purchased the unit which is too small for your home. Check if an exchange is possible. 


Here is how Air Conditioner works. It absorbs the warm air from your home, removes the moisture, cools it, and send the cold air through your home’s return vents.

Back in 2017, I felt that my home is so humid all the time. Even though I was providing regular maintenance. The representative of home repair services near me recommended buying the new Air Conditioner as the problem persists.

The Strange Odors

Does your AC emit strange odours? Call your technicians if AC emits mouldy, moist, or burning smells while running.

The culprit could be dirty air filters or mould growing in the drip pan, or evaporator coils. That makes it essential to schedule AC maintenance twice a year. So that potential issues come to the light before they become expensive fixes.

It is imperative to ensure your AC lasts as long as possible. Have them inspected your unit to help you determine whether you need new AC parts or to purchase a new system.

Loud Noise

A loud air conditioner could result from multiple things. May be inner unit is clogging with the dust and debris. Maybe the motor requires lubrication, or the compressor is faulty. In most cases, a technician can resolve these poor maintenance issues. The average life span of an air conditioner is about 20 years.

If you have not provided it with the maintenance checks, it is better to purchase a new one.

Electrical Problems

All devices are subject to wear and tear with the passing time. If the wiring of the Air Conditioner goes wrong, it is a critically dangerous situation. It is better to replace the air conditioner with the new one. So briefly discuss any smells you feel with the team of home maintenance services. 

Difficult Dust Management

An old air conditioning system has adverse effects on the patients of allergies. As they are not as efficient as the new ones, it is difficult for them to filter out things like dirt, dust, dander, and alike. It becomes hard to manage the amount of dust in your home.

So difficult dust management is the sheer sign of an out-dated air conditioner.

High Energy Bills

More than half of the energy bill of the home goes to the cooling costs. Although under no condition, it means that you should pay for an inefficient air conditioning system. If your energy bills are consistently high, the air conditioning system could be the one to blame. Inefficiency is one of the biggest flaws of old air conditioning systems.

After years your AC will not work as efficiently as it did in the early years. That leads to a dramatic rise in energy usage. The increased energy is equal to expensive utility bills. To affirm, you may conduct a home energy audit or hire a professional. Find out the inefficiency-contributing factor.

Whether it is air leaks around doors or windows or inadequate insulation.


Home Maintenance is a diverse art that comprises taking care of all your home appliances. Air Conditioner is one of the basic household appliances in Pakistan and many other warm countries.

Every device has a certain lifespan. After completing it, replacement is inevitable, not only from economic but also from a functional point of view. The air conditioner does not grow old suddenly but shows certain signs. We have listed these signs in the article. Be a keen observer when it comes to your air conditioner.  

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