All You Need To Know About Setting Up An Apartment Garden


Many of the apartment dwellers feel that they are losing on the pleasure of creating a garden, nurturing the garden, and many more. One can have their garden in or just open the window and see a garden outside the window. One of the primary necessities for setting up a garden is using organic soil. Here are some of how apartment dwellers can create a garden of their own:

A Vertical Garden

A vertical garden can be grown in any small space. It is the reason why a vertical garden is considered to be helpful for apartment dwellers in conserving space. One more reason why the vertical garden is preferred is that they don’t block the light entering the house. To achieve this goal, apartment dwellers can use trellises, layered gardens, soil supplies that are organic and hanging pots.

Food Garden

All the residents of an apartment can decide on a space of the apartment area and decide to grow a garden that will cultivate food items. Both vegetables and fruits can be easily grown subject to the cooperation of the residents of the apartment complex. There are various soil supplies available that can help people in growing a food garden.

Setting a Budget

This step is very important even for a small set up like an apartment garden. Many people make the mistake of believing that setting up a few flowerpots is not a very expensive affair. Set a budget before you begin. Even though the budget might vary when all the soil supplies and various gardening equipment is purchased, it is better to have an idea beforehand.

Maintenance of the Gardens While Being Out on Vacation

If an apartment dweller, who has a garden, is going out on a vacation or official work, it is best to call a neighbor who can water the plants appropriately. Some automatic watering systems can help as well. Also, it is a good practice to provide access to soil supplies before going out on vacation.

Knowing the Various Rules of the Apartment Society

If a resident is staying in a rented apartment or condo, the resident should know specific rules and regulations related to society. In a certain community, storing of soil supplies in the common area and suspension of plants on the railings are prohibited. Also, there are a number of restrictions related to the weight of the planters and pots.  It is best for the resident to look at the rules very closely before starting the garden.

The Position of the Flat

Before setting up a balcony garden, it is best to check for the residents to check the number of hours of sunshine that is received by the balcony. Sometimes the northern, southern, west, or east portions of the flat receive an excess of sunlight. Based on this, the resident should take a call on where the mini garden should be set up. Also, it is a good practice to a have a minimum of soil supplies close to the garden for emergency maintenance.

Overall, this guide is a good starting point for apartment dwellers looking to set up a garden.  Sometimes it is a good practice to talk to neighbors and friends who have a balcony garden in their apartments. Also, sometimes the residents have to go with their gut. In general, it is essential to remember that smaller plants that occupy little horizontal space are known to be a highlighting portion of the balcony garden.