Roof Safety: Things You Need To Know About Static Line System


A static line system is a stainless-steel setup that provides your rooftop and other elevated areas with continuous attachment to assure effective, safe access to those areas and also give protection from falling to workers and others during construction work in a building.

There are permanent as well as temporary static lines available which give fall arrest mechanism for multiple numbers of users. They can be installed in a vertical, horizontal, and overhead pattern to incorporate high quality, low profile components with the help of a respective system traveler.

Use of stainless steel as the main component makes the system durable and makes it strong enough for use. These systems are produced to sustain long-term outdoor use. Also, many roof deck designs can be mounted with the help of static line systems without any need for additional structures.

These lines can be secured to steel, concrete or metal roof decking structures with the help of permanently mounted fixtures. It is used in a loading dock, crane runway or also, on top of a truck along with the most common place of roof mounting systems in constructing buildings.

It is a practical application to fulfill your access to height safely and orient the static lines in such a way that the workers can have easy access to higher places and the required things and there won’t raise any need for disconnecting the line, for even a second.

Advantages Of Installing A Static Line System

Absorbs Energy

An underestimated but accurate benefit from the use of static lines is that they are capable of absorbing energy. The material used in static lines possesses advanced properties of energy absorption. This property will help with preventing on-site injuries.

Extra Safety

Using stainless steel ropes that have high tensile strength ensures extra safety factor. It implies that the system will be able to bear a high amount of weight, without collapsing that may lead to very serious injuries, casualties or even death of the workers.

Multi-User System

The static line system can be considered as a multi-user system. One or more users can use it at the same time. It reduces the expenses of safety equipment that may be needed on a construction site.

Increase Efficiency

Although the main motto of this system is used for safety in construction sites, it increases the efficiency factor in situations of working mode. There may be times when workers need to go work under steeper slopes; here static lines will prove to be very useful. These lines are considered to be very reliable and efficient because of their versatility and usage quality. As mentioned before also, these systems can be installed in vertical, horizontal, and overhead or inclined patterned as well.

Continuous Access

Workers have the freedom of continuous access to the area for different angles and movements throughout the working area. As with these systems, workers don’t have to disconnect themselves, again and again, to carry out different movements in the area from different angles. It is one of the main reasons apart from versatility and safety assurance that static lines are commonly used in construction sites.

Continuous Attachment

The static line system also offers continuous attachment provision with the use of pilot traveler. Also, the static lines can be attached to a wide range of roof materials and surfaces available. This attachment can be done by using a variable number of fixings and components.

High Qualities

The components used in static systems are low profile ones but also at the same time have high qualities to support the functions of static lines.

Therefore, these are a few essential things that you need to know about Static line system.