The why, when of replacing your old mattress and other associated problems

The why, when of replacing your old mattress and other associated problems

Research reveals that we spend on an average a third of our lives on out mattresses, beds and associated bedding including pillows, cushions, and sheets. But do you realize that even if you change the sheets and pillows on a regular basis, the mattress remains the same?

Just like your apparels, other household items like the plumbing and roof require maintenance, and if need be a replacement, the mattress too has a life span. On an average, you should try to replace it after every 2-3 years. Explore your options for sleeping on Leesa mattress here.

Let us dive into the “why” of replacing your mattress.

Why replace your Mattress?

The truth is once we make a purchase we never look back or even think that it might get worn out and need replacement. Sure, it feels firm but makes sure you identify the signs of a deteriorating fast. If you read the manufacturer’s information in details, you will see the advice of replacing it every 6-8 years.

But in case you are experiencing sleep disorders you might want to consider replacing your mattress even before than that. You should keep in mind that the material of it along with the weight and the lifestyle of the user determines the life span of it. The inner spring mechanized mattresses don’t last long when compared to the foam mattresses and natural latex variants.

When to replace the old Mattresses?

Pest problem

The problem of bugs and mites is the first one in this list. That is one heck of a tricky problem to deal with. Dust mites multiply and spread like wild-fire feeding on the dead skin cells on it. These bugs and mites give you skin rashes and itch.

Hot water and steam treatment can act as a quick fix but to solve the pest problem permanently an anti-allergic is the ideal solution. The presence of bed bugs is the first sign of the mattress requiring a replacement.

Body aches

If you are suffering from body pains and joint aches after waking up, it might mean you haven’t been sleeping well due to your old and worn out. The symptoms might improve as the day progresses and you never take it seriously, but you should remember that the body pain problem might become chronic.

Mattresses can get worn out and deformed from the inside and to get rid of the back pain, stiffness and sore muscles replacing the mattress is a must.

Deformations and hygiene

Your mattress gets deformed faster according to your lifestyle. Everyone has a favorite corner of the bed to finish up the projects, take calls or just read a book. These lifestyle choices are what lead to a deformation of the mattress faster than usual.

In addition to that, we as human beings suffer from bodily functions and various secretions that are unavoidable which might soak into it. It leads to the formations of molds and mildews. You can get waterproof mattresses to get rid of the problem permanently.

You might be experiencing any or all of the listed points, or it is just a general lack of sleep. Before you visit the doctor and incur those high medical bills why not try trying a mattress fix? Maybe it’s not clinical after all.

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